Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It's Wednesday, ya'll (I was tempted to again use the Hump Day commercial as an opening, but I'll refrain...just for this week).

So. This is my last summer edition of What I Ate Wednesday. I'm pretending that I'm super excited about returning to school, but truthfully, it doesn't even feel real yet. My brain logically knows it's a mere 5 days away, yet I feel like I have a good month to go.


But on a positive note, I've had a lot of yummy eats zis week! (Thanks a bunch, Jenn!)



We were in charge of the volunteers' food at church this week, and we came home with a bunch of leftover food (apparently people prefer bagels and donuts to muffins), including a few whole wheat bagels.

Breakfast: the bottom aka thicker, chewier half of a bagel, an organic white nectarine, half a banana, and lots of Sunbuttah. Coffee w/ vanilla almond milk on the side to wake me up.

I feel like I shouldn't even post this breakfast, but I'm going to anyways. I am the QUEEN of kitchen disasters, and this was a sadly failed attempt at recreating a version of vegan baked pancake that was previously successful.

I think subbing the white nectarine for the banana did it in (hardy har har). It came out perfectly on the top and bottom, but the middle was still raw. I then nuked it in the microwave to save the top from burning, which made it sink like a deflated souffle. At least it cooked through and was tasty.


Mom, Reibs, and I went out and picked up lunch from Atlanta Bread Co. and it was between the chicken + pesto panini and Salsa Fresca Salmon Salad for me. Clearly, the salad won. And it was delicious! Grilled salmon, black bean and corn salad, lots of greens, and a really yummy dressing that I can't remember the name of. It was kind of honey mustard-y tasting with a hint of spice.


I have new product love! Whilst at Trader Joe's I picked up Thai Vegetable Gyoza - basically potstickers.

I steamed mine, which I honestly wouldn't suggest. At my friend's house (where I discovered them), we pan-fried them and it gave them a crunchy exterior. The texture of my potstickers was like a chewy noodle.

Be forewarned...have a pack of gum at your side because these babies are little garlic bombs. Maybe that's why they're so tasty?!


You're probably getting tired of this picture, and I apologize. I'm just really bad at photographing my snacks! But I almost always have a bowl of yogurt, half a banana, and a nut butter before bed. It's the bomb dot com.

Happy Hump DAAAYY!

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