Sunday, July 14, 2013


Buenos tardes, amigas!

This summer has ended up being one of the rainiest ever. It's been either raining, drizzly, or at least overcast probably 5 days out of the week since June! :( Being trapped inside is no bueno.

I get stir-crazy really easily and the sis was gone at summer camp, so I made sure to have some stuff to do - Mom has to remind me that it's okay to relax every so often (which I rant about all the time on here...take your own advice, Jessica!). So relax I did.

Los gatos set an excellent example for me most of the time.

Mom, Reibs, and I caught up on SYTYCD, which is one of our top favorite summer shows. Forget running, I want to dance!

Yeah, I'm not so sure how well that would work out for me. 

I got a huge baking urge (like as in I wanted to bake everything possible from all the blog/Pinterest recipes I saw), and ended up making quiche 2.0 out of the veggies we had.

I also spotted these little babies on Cait's blog and had to make them. I've been wanting to make some sort of "ball" for a while, and these were awesome because they didn't require dates or a food processor! I want to make my own version in the future. 

I've been keeping them in the freezer, and they taste literally just like my beloved Chocolate Chip Peanut Larabar. Get in mah belly. And I assume these are great pre-workout energy because they won't sit heavy in your tummy!

And of course, these oats. Can you tell I'm slightly obsessed? When I decide I love something, I full on love it. No halfway. 

I can't believe I didn't make any muffins (who am I?!). Maybe next week? I've been staring these down, because pshyes, it's autumn.

Friday, my amazingly awesome friend came to spend a few hours with little lonely me, and I was so happy to spend time with her! We hadn't seen each other since school ended.

She's not Asian, I promise.

We just chatted for the longest time (the best thing about girlfriends....), and breezed through a few levels of Lego Star Wars. Winning.

The sun actually peeked out for a little bit in the early evening, so we went out for a quick neighborhood walk for some sunshine therapy. Summer colors and flowers, yay!!

On the fitness front, I got a wee bit lazy with my runs this week. I only went on two outside runs (which were great, mind you) - but still. I have to tell myself not to get exercise guilt because I'm not training for anything in particular and have no set "plan" (that plan I mentioned was more like a guideline). I don't even consider myself a "runner." There may be some past thought processes that cause me to feel guilt, but it's more of the fact that I just love it so much that when I miss an opportunity I'm annoyed at myself!

Buuut on Friday I went for a lovely 3.5 mile run under overcast skies. My butt was sooooo sore from a lower body workout I did a couple days before, butt but it was a fairly quick pace for me despite that! Chocolate almond milk a wine glass. Why? Because....I wanted to. Classy lassy.

Reibs came hooommmeee and so did my precious friend Caitlyn, and she spent the night. Dad is on Mommy duty, which translates to Jessica is on Mommy duty. I don't mind, but I miss Ma!

I hope I'm still alive after I post this pic.....

No judge. Saturday, my friend and I had a hike planned, and luckily we beat the rain (what else?).

A few weeks ago, when Rebekah, Mom, and I were still in NYC, a massive storm hit the downtown area where we live, and even a tornado touched down! The entire hike, which we've done before, looked like a war zone. Sad. :(

Really old tree!

Eggs that were randomly out in the open - I think they were snake eggs?!

Foot. :)

About halfway through, we came across a graveyard. Cool but creepy in a way. On our last hike, we found a graveyard from the Civil War era!

I had a great time with her, and we covered about 3 miles, maybe more. 

Today I volunteered at church, ate lasagna, babysat some kiddos, took a walk, and now I'm in my jammies getting ready for quality time (aka TV time) with Mom. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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