About Jessica

Hello, hello! Thanks for stopping by!

Age 16.

 Lover of all things colorful, crafty, and coffee.  

Aspiring photographer, fashionista, writer, baker, and cook.

Pinterest addict.

Cat person.

Runner, Hiker, Biker, Walker, and everything in between.

Obsessive movie-watcher.

Hopeless bookworm.

Die-hard cho-co-late fan.

Daughter of the Lord.

Just trying to find healthy balance in life.


  1. I just found your blog and I am so excited that I did! I loooove photography, pinterest, chocolate, movies, books, crafts, fashion, and everything colorful too!! I can't wait to read more of your posts in the future :)

    -Brittany :)

  2. Love the blog, girl!

  3. Hey your blog is great. Random question what do you do with your old running shoes

  4. Love to see other teenagers in this blogging world! I am a 17 year old food and lifestyle blogger, and your newest fan! Keep doin what you're doin :)