Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Goals #2

Heya, friends. As mentioned in my last post, last week wasn't the greatest. I haven't been feeling myself mentally and emotionally, and I don't really know why - I think some depression is rearing its ugly head and there's really no reason!!

Sometimes we tend to feel alone in our problems and issues, and for me, being a super-introvert and having anxiety/OCD past, I feel like it's sort of...magnified. And that's totally not fair to feel, because it's my own perception. Then I read Caitlin's awesome post, meditated on She Reads Truth, and decided that this week, I choose to have a good attitude, because no one likes a Debbie Downer!

So without further adooooooo, here's what I've got planned for the week:

  • Get to bed on time
Is there a reason I'm so bad about this?!?! I was doing really well, and then summer hit, and I guess that just gives my brain a reason to think it's okay to stay up late? If I don't get to bed by 11, I don't usually fall asleep until 2 or 3. And as I'm sure you've figured out by now, I'm super sleep sensitive, and get really grouchy if I'm tired. No bueno.

  • Get in le kitchen
Baking and cooking are my happy places. I find so much joy being able to make something that my family enjoys, and is good for them! 

  • Pick up the books
I love reading and always read before bed, but during the day I generally gravitate to the television and computer, not gonna lie. So I'm going to dedicate at least 30 minutes of my daylight to reading, whether it's on my Kindle, She Reads Truth (aka the Bible), or even a magazine.

  • Do something crafty
Dude, I was seriously was going to do this last week, but ran out of time and materials. Mom's feeling better, so we'll be able to take a trip to the craft store because I want to make these and these

  • Find a new running trail
I don't even necessarily mean a trail in the woods (although that would be really fun), just somewhere other than my neighborhood. I need some new sights, and I think that would help with some boredom I get on runs.

Sigh. I miss Central Park.

  • Do a fun activity
I'll admit, I chuckled at myself with this one. I have Reibs, but getting out and doing stuff is just so much more fun! I had a blast at the movies, but it's really hard not being able to drive myself around. So I could either keep complaining about it, or get out there and practice...hmmm. Rock climbing, anyone?

  • Make a list of positive affirmations
I used to freaking hate these dang things, mainly because I thought they were pointless, but now I'm beginning to appreciate their worth. You control your own thoughts, and if you fill your mind with positive things, then it will be easier to be genuinely happy and positive. 


So there ya go! Let's make this week one! Oh, and happy July!

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