Sunday, July 7, 2013


I am quite enjoying my Sunday posts. I get to brag about discuss my accomplishments for the week!

So first off...what's up with this weather? I mean really. I've been to the pool like 5 times and normally in the summer, I'd have been there 15 or 20 times by now. Go away, rain!

Despite the rather inclement weather, I managed to get most of my accomplishments done!

  • Get to bed on time
Dear goodness I can barely believe I actually pulled off getting to bed at a decent time. Well, most days anyways. Like 4 out of 7, but it's summer so therefore I can count that as a success! You guys agree, right? Right.
  • Get cookin'
Rain = perfect weather for being in la cocina. We really kneaded needed some bread, so I ground up the last our wheat and baked a loaf of whole wheat artisan bread.

This was my first time kneading by hand, and something was definitely a bit off with the loaf. I either didn't knead enough because my arms got tired (it's a tricep workout, I'm telling you!), or I kneaded too much.

It was still good when I cut a nice, thick slice, toasted it up, and smeared some peanut buttah on it!

  • Read more
Finished off my book, woohoo!
  • Be crafty
It finally happened! I spent hours staring at my Pinterest screen looking for something to do, and finally found this! We went on a trip to the craft store and I stocked up on everything I'd need to create it. Apparently I just love documenting things. Photography, blog, smashbook....

  • Running trail 
Obviously I couldn't run on a trail, as most of them were probably closed due to the rain. But Rebekah and I did try out our YMCA's gym for the first time, which was new!
  • Fun activity
My lovely friend came over to hang out with us on Friday, and on the fourth of July, our family went to see the Lone Ranger. I love seeing movies!!! I'm probably seeing one or two next week, just gotta get some babysitting in before I do. :)


Monday: Stationary bike, 45 min

One reason rain is no bueno: ya can't get outside. I feel like it's rained all summer. But I just pop in a disc of Friends, zone out, get through a couple episodes, and I'm all set on the bike! It's certainly not the most intense workout, but anyone on a bike for 45 minutes gets a little case of Jello-legs...

Tuesday: 33 minutes on the elliptical (~3ish miles), 10 minutes on treadmill (1 mile)

This was our first time at the gym, and I can't really decide if I like it or not. I like the elliptical, but I definitely regretted not bringing my iPod to listen to - I just sort of stared into space for the 30 minutes I was on it. The treadmills were right in front of me, and it seemed more fun to jog on the treadmill (surprised?), so I hopped off and pulled out a mile on the treadmill. It's amazing how much easier the treadmill seems after running on asphalt and hills for months. It was nice, but nothing beats the great outdoors for me!

Wednesday: Strength, arms and abs

It takes a lot to get my arms sore, and man did my arms burn! I did this and this workout. I love how you can just shake it up with a different type of exercise (ex. bicep curl to hammer curl) and get some real burn!

Thursday: 3 mile run

Aaaaahhhhhh the days when you have wonderful runs! They're the best kinds of days. I beat the heat and the rain (but not the humidity), and it felt AWESOME. Days like that are why I love running. I honestly could have gone longer, but, ya know.

Friday: Nada

Saturday: 1.5 mile run, strength arms and abs ~40 min

It got hot outside. My arms hurt.

Sunday: Laying horizontally on le couch watching le Spongebob

One of my favorite days. :)

And there ya go! Have a wonderful, chillaxed Sunday (I know I am)!

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