Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Hellooooooo, gorgeouses.

This is one of those posts that I've attempted writing 4 different times, and none of my thoughts are seeming to come together. I've been really busy and haven't had time to actually sit down and write  a post!

So anyways, I sort of neglected my thoughts for the blog this week, but here's my run-down of workouts, runs, and what not, mainly because that's all I can really compile in my brain right now!

Monday: 61 minutes on the stationary bike

Talk about indoors sweat-sesh! Geez.

Tuesday: Run, arms and abs workout

Wednesday: I was hanging out at my cousins' house, and they have a great neighborhood with sidewalks around the perimeter, so I went ahead and took another run (I'm not generally a fan of back-to-back running - I never want to experience muscle fatigue again). It was nice to be on a different route, and I think I covered at least 3 miles, maybe closer to 4. I also took a lot of odd routes to avoid the garbage guys and dogs. :) This is why I need a Garmin, people!

Thursday: 2.5 mile walk with Reibs, 20 min arms, 15 min core

I also went swimming for a couple of hours with my friend, but we mainly lay on floats and catapult each other off of them so...doesn't count.

Friday: 3.5 mile run

So like I have this brain blockage that keeps me from understanding that it's a no bueno idea to drink coffee before a run. It's as if I am subconsciously (or consciously?) choosing to deny the fact that I nearly overheat whenever I coffee it up before expending a good amount of energy. But what will I do without it on those mornings?!?!?!! I guess I have my beloved chocolate milk refuel to look forward to?!

Saturday: Nada

Sunday: Nada

I'll probably just take a walk or something later if it's nice outside!

Well there you go! I got a lot of activity in this week, and I'm feeling pretty good. I know I have another strength session in there somewhere, but I just can't remember the day.

It's the last week of summer!! Ahhh!!

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