Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let the Tasks Commence

It's Saturday! Yay for the weekend.
Today marks the ending of my first week break. I haven't done much of anything, as afternoon naps and burying my nose in a book have been too enticing to ignore. It's because the weather is finally getting cold here! Snuggling up by a fire is happiness.
Also on my agenda? Outside adventures.  I love being outside when it's crisp and chilly - much more than I do during the summer. Humidity = no bueno. Am I an elf?? Finagling Reibs and Jonathan into braving the cold with me is no easy task, but I somehow get it done.
So I know I mention my sleep issues a lot, but it has in recent times become an issue again. What the heck? I can't tell if it's a legit insomnia/ physical problem, or just a mental thing. However, being a night owl + early bird gets things done if boredom doesn't set in. Productivity for the win!
And plans for the win! There are days when I absolutely refuse to let boredom take over my day. I have piles of fabric waiting to be sewn.....
Chocolate waiting to be eaten....

Books to be read....
Mats to be posed upon.....
And packing to be completed!!
Reibs, Jonathan, and I are heading over the river and through the woods to celebrate New Year's (2013?! Where are the time machines?!) with my grandparents on Sunday. It's been summer since we've stayed there last. Excitement!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Happy Thursday and (Belated) Holidays!
Goodness gracious, Christmas zoomed by full-speed ahead. It's crazy how long we spend preparing and anticipating the holidays - wrapping presents, gazing into store windows, baking cookies, watching Christmas movies.....then poof: they gone. To be read in Si Robertson's accent.
Before I get into Christmas details, in case you haven't noticed, I did indeed make a few changes to my blog appearance and pages. Check out this and this to see more! I thought it was time for some changes. :)
School is out for two weeks, and words cannot describe the utter amazingness I feel right now. Staying up til 2 a.m.? Pshyes! Sleeping in past 6:30? Count me in! Leisure time?! Oh you know it!
Midterms were the week before I got off, and man oh man did I study my butt off. I hate to say it, but before this year I was never much of a studier. Sure, I'd read over my notes a few times before a test, but I never constructively studied.
However, this semester I've really had to get my smarticle particles churning in order to actually pass my tests, including midterms. AP kicks butt.
 Finally putting up Christmas d├ęcor and steaming cups of Chai tea got me through late-night study sessions and into the holiday spirit.
Christmas Eve consisted of all-day movie watching and Chinese takeout, per tradition. It was wonderful, and the Chinese was gobbled up before I could snap a pic!
First time ever seeing this movie. I thought it was cute in a really weird/creepy way...
The whole family quite enjoyed doing absolutely nothing for two days.
Christmas morning began at 9 (!!) which is really late for us, especially on Christmas. Jonathan actually attempted to wake me up around 8, and I promptly shooed him away (probably due to the fact I had stayed up until 1:30 that morning).
Santa visited!
We opened our presents before eating breakfast (Belgian waffles, eggs, and fruit this year!) which is out of order from how we normally do things. It was supposed to be one for each of us, then eat, but hey - once ya start......
 It was a wonderful, wonderful, Christmas Day. So full of joy, happiness, thankfulness, and love. We are sososososososososo blessed. No wonder it's my favorite holiday!!!!
Among mis regalos (my presents):

 WOOT Santa knows me well. He actually probably sees me not sleeping because of all the coffee flowing through my veins. It's a part of my anatomy. I'm also pumped to get my yoga on!! (Thanks Reibs!)
Oh, and there is one little thing that I also received......
Yes, my friends. Your eyes do not deceive you. After months and months of poop caused by my computer, I have been gifted with a laptop. HallelujahpraisetheLordsweetbabyJesusAmen. I am forever grateful to Mom and Dad.
 Let's also not forget to thank our Father who sent His Son to the earth for us. Christmas would not exist without His overwhelmingly abundant love for us. I will definitely miss the holidays. :'(
I hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Day

I know it's a few days past Thanksgiving, but we were experiencing computer troubles....again....

This time it wasn't my fault, I swear! Those of you who know me are aware that I'm not exactly technologically savvy (when I find out we have a project in school that involves even a little bit of technology, I have a mini inside-my-brain meltdown).

So yeah, both the desktop and the laptop are sick. It's annoying.

On the bright side, this is a thankful post because it's all about Thhhaaannnkkkssssgiving!!! Get ready for a blast of pictures!! ;)

The night before, the girls (me, mom, and Rebekah) were all up prepping away - chopping pecans and veggies, whipping potatoes, making pastry, baking brownies....there also may have been some ingredients spilled on the floor in the process.

Oscar enjoyed gazing at the food we were cooking - probably dreaming about getting some turkey!!

I made it to bed at about 11-ish - I was in charge of making a dessert; a delicious rustic pear tart. But, of course, I wouldn't expect you to think I created a perfectly baked tart the first time round.

Making the pastry from scratch initially caused me an unnecessary amount of anxiety - I was preoccupied by the fact that I knew everything needed to be properly chilled. I spent a good deal of time making sure that every ingredient was in the fridge right before I used them; what I didn't do properly was read the ingredients.

The first pastry ended up with 3 cups of ice water rather than 3 tablespoons. I wouldn't even call it a pastry - it was more like a sticky, liquidy, cottage cheese mess. Yeah.

Luckily I paid better attention the second time.

Thanksgiving morning we were up and at 'em at 8:00 to volunteer!! First time ever - a church was cooking, packing, and delivering Thanksgiving dinners. I was a tray-passer in the line. :D

 Mom, Reibs, Dad, and Papa (my grandfather) volunteered as well, but I didn't take pics of their name tags.

We were back at home by 12 and finished off the rest of the cooking - all we had to do was put everything in the oven that needed it! Everyone helped.

Grammy made the dressing......

Dad carved the turkey....

Reibs made the rum cake......

Juan mixed up some frosting......

I ended up being Reib's model for a minute or two.....

Of course my beautiful mommy was helping, as well.....

Oscar thought he would sit this one out. Probably for the best, as we would have most likely been weirded out if he had been helping with the cooking.

Our Thanksgiving "dinner" (eaten at lunchtime) had a delicious array of rolls, pea salad, Papa's cranberry sauce, and snackings of pickles, olives, and okra......

Mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole (made by moi), gravy and cornbread dressing (made by Grammy), roasted carrots and squash.....

and of course, turkey.

It was a deeeeelllliiiicccciiioooouuuusssss meal!!! Yummy yummy in my tummy. My faves = pea salad, squash, and sweet potatoes. The bomb dot com right there. Pshyes I went there.

Rather than falling into a turkey coma after eating, we went out about an hour later for some pics/a mini hike.

Preview of some pics snapped by Madre:

It was really nice - there was an old mill and a waterfall, and the weather was crisp and cool. We've already decided we're going back to explore!

Upon returning home, I got to have a piece of this beauty:

My pear tart!!!!!! Along with brownies and rum cake, both made by Reibs. Topped a la mode (or, rather - with whipped cream)

Followed by a loooonnnggg game of Balderdash. Hilarity most definitely ensued.

'Twas a fun, delicious, productive, and awesome day!

I hope you all had a great and safe Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coffee Brain

Hey peeps. Long time no post, eh?

Considering it's been 2+ months since I've even logged into Blogger (woah goodness...), I've had a lot of time to think about the blog.

I really don't like giving up, giving in, throwing in the towel, whatever you want to call it, soooo - yes, the blog has been on my mind.

But first, allow me to explain my absence - I place most of the blame on the lovely mandatory 7 hour a day 5 days a week brain developing, social "necessity" of school.

I lack time, ya'll. School is a full-time job. By the time I get my homework done, chores done, and extra things in between, all I want do to is r-e-l-a-x. Oh, oh, annnnddd I have an AP class, mind you.

So there. My excuse. I think it's legit.

(I've barely even had time for LOST. Say wha?!?! Madness, I tell you. Madness.)

I know for a fact that I want to get back into the blogging groove, because I honestly love it, but I just need to figure out a schedule that fits in with my life. I'm thinking it's going to be best if I stick to once or twice a week for right now.

I know, I know, my life is so extremely exciting that it's going to be hard to condense it into one or two posts, but hey, flexibility is a valuable life skill. ;)

So then comes the question that has been lurking in my mind since beginning this blog - what is the purpose? Is this a recovery blog? Is it a journal? Am I just writing for the heck of it?

The question of "purpose" comes up in all areas of my life, which I'm sure many of you can relate to. I feel as if I'm at the age and place in my life where everything feels so uncertain to me - that I'm always looking for some sort of stability; some sort of constant that I know for a fact will never ever change.

Disordered eating and/or emotions is what I have turned to for the majority of the last few years. It was something that I, and only I could control. Unfortunately for me, and for those close to me, it was certainly false control. Throwing my life in the toilet is certainly not the purpose of my creation - nor anyone's for that matter. I am certain that I don't want disordered thoughts. And I am positively, undoubtedly certain that Christ is the only one who can strengthen me enough to trek through these last steps.

And you all, of course.

I think that there are many reasons for keeping a blog. I've mentioned the fact that it's a creative and positive outlet for me, which is completely true.

I also feel that that I have an obligation to share my story. I'm an incredibly open person, but breaking out of my shell and comfort zone is not exactly my forte.

However, I know that God has placed something inside me that is not timid or shy or full of inhibitions. He has placed in all of us, not a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

As a 15 year old, it's sometimes hard for me to feel as if I can make a difference in people's lives. This is such a weird age!! Gosh. (Drive but can't drive?! Go to the mall alone but can't hike alone?! Allowance but no job?! GAH! #lifeprobs)

Anywhoo, I suppose that's another purpose of this blog - I want to change people. I want to influence people in the way that they know there's more to life than depression, anxiety, stress, and eating issues. And I feel that age should by no means be a barrier for this influence.

I want to show those who read my blog, that, through all the lemons that life pegs you in the eye with, you can make some pretty freaking delicious lemonade. Just sayin'.

That being said, I don't claim to be the Jedi-master of life (whoa-ho-hoooooo far from it), but, I admit, I sometimes see ya'll as my little Padawans.

Oh oh oh (coffee brain!) and another reason I like blogging is because I like sharing my life. What can I say? It's fun. I like sharing who I am, and I try not to write a one-sided blog - that is, where you only see one aspect of my life. I like having my personality come out, sharing my hobbies and interests, embarrassing sharing the people I love, inspiring people, and being inspired by people.

Yeah, I'm quirky, dorky, nerdy, and loud - I know. I don't understand a lick of sarcasm, and I am a master of trivia. I love the Lord and I love to have fun. I love my family, I love my friends, and I love the fact that I am here today to share my life with the people that read my blog.

So peeps, amigos, home-dogs, companions, bros, ya'll - thanks for reading. Thanks for letting me share my life with you. I'll be back more often.

In the meantime, Lost beseeches my attention........

Have a woooooonnndeeerrffuuullll Wednesday!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Words of Encouragement

Wow, it feels so good to finally pull up my "Compose" page again!

Has it really been over a week since I posted? Geez Louise!

I know I sound like a broken record saying this, but school has really been dominating my time. And the time that I get to myself I'd rather not spend blogging (sorry!), but doing other stuff that I enjoy.

Luckily there has been a lot going on these past couple of weeks!

First off, I've been in sort of a "slump." On the recovery side of my life, I've been doing significantly well, but this past week or two has just been a bit of a struggle. You get into this mode that, "Yeah! I feel great and will never ever use ED-like behaviors again!!" and inevitably follows with, "Whoops, looks like I had a little bit of a back-track." Luckily for me, I'm in a positive enough place to where I can pick myself right up and go on with life.

That being said, I've had a lack of seratonin, melatonin, and endorphins the past week or so. I was not excited about school on Monday, and I got an inspiring and motivating text from one of my dear, dear friends:

"Jess, I hope you have a good day! You are so inspiring to me and I want the best for you!"

That text was so refreshing to see on a Monday morning (yes, it's taken me almost a week to get this post finished)! Little acts of kindness go a long way. Hopefully this next week will get easier and happier for me. I have an amazing team, friends, and family, so that shouldn't be too terribly much of an issue. :)

So I have a lot of ground to cover about what's been going on, but I'll be as briefly detailed as possible. 

Last Saturday, the fam, my friend Savannah, and I went to an event called Celebrate Freedom. It's an all-day concert that has a lot of Christian bands that get together. We got there about 4 in the afternoon, so it was already halfway over, but we still saw a lot of good people!

My favorite Christian band, Sanctus Real, was supposed to be playing at exactly 4 (which is why we decided to arrive when we did). Uhm, no.

The story is that Hawk Nelson was playing in Oklahoma the day before, and was going to be arriving late. Therefore, without consulting me, Celebrate Freedom's organizers decided to switch Sanctus Real's and Hawk Nelson's playing time.

Likely story. Humph.

I love me some Hawk Nelson, but I was slightly very disturbed that I missed Sanctus Real. I got over it (coughcough...mostly), and Hawk Nelson ended up being great. I can't wait for their new album to come out!

By the time they were done, we were all melting in the Georgia heat.

Kudos to the bands for rocking out in the tropical rainforest climate!

After Hawk Nelson, one of my other favorite bands - Jars of Clay - played. They have a very different/indie sound, and it really appeals to me.

We were jam-packed under the pavilion, and there was a major greenhouse effect with all the bodies in there! The chairs were eventually moved out from under it, so we stood the whole time and leaned on a wooden gate that was there. Quite the convenience!

Got him in the middle of singing. ;)

There were multiple failed attempts at tricking depth-perception. 
 I think he knew what we were doing.

When the temperatures finally started cooling down, we explored around a bit. I was disappointed at the lack of band merchandise! However, it was still nice to wander around with Savannah and Rebeibs.


^^I do believe I have the most beautiful friends (and sis!) in the entire world.

After an hour or so, Jeremy Camp came on! (After Amy Grant's performance, in which we were walking around).

Jeremy's performance was incredible - so moving. I especially enjoyed his song "The Way."

The last performance of the night was.....Switchfoot!!

We were up super close! Like, right next to the speakers close. In the second pic, Jon Foreman was reeealllyy close to us.

I think the people screaming hurt my ears more than the concert itself. :)

I had a fantastic time, and I cannot wait to go again next year!


Was probably one of the happiest days ever. EVER.

My best friend from when I was in residential came to my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throughout my stay in residential, Kristen was one of the greatest, sweetest girls I met. She is such a blessing to me!

It was really wonderful getting to spend 24 hours with her. I'll take all I can get!

So that's the low-down on what has gone on these past couple of weeks.

I hate to go MIA yet again, but this week, we're heading to St. George Island!!!!! No computers there. Whoo hoo!

Have a wonderful Saturday, friends!