Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pancakes make everything better

Morrrrning! This week has been quite the whirlwind. The start-of-school jitters are starting to set in, and I'm sort of frantically preparing (and convincing) myself for school Monday. Although my life has sort of come to this....

Uhhhh, it's normal to plan like this, correct?

Not surprisingly, one of the main concerns popping up frequently for me is...when am I going to run?! We'll have to experiment with times!

In preparation for school, we've been running all kinds of errands the past couple of days. We started off by taking a trip to Target on Wednesday (my wonderland!) for school supplies.

Binders, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils...all that jazz. I also got a planner, calculator, and new pencil case! No new book bag or lunch box, though. My ones from last year are still in good condition!

I had a little money, so I got some new shirts, a cardigan, and a new purse. You can't start school without new clothes, right? ;)

Yesterday, I woke up and had some of my first Kodiak Cakes, that I found at Target! They were great, and I love that you only add water, and I especially love the ingredient list/nutrient facts.


We went to Jonathan's 5th grade (!!) open house at 1, where he met his new teacher. It was so weird walking those halls, because I have so many memories of 5th grade!!!! And all of my teachers have now moved on to different grade levels, so J didn't have a chance to get any of them.  
Then I finally got my hair cut!! I told the lady I just wanted a trim, but apparently my ends were awful (which I already knew), and she cut off a good inch and a half.

Before (straightened, obviously):

They really were bad....


Uuuhhhh not the best picture of me....but my hair is way healthier. And shorter.

My school fiinnaallyy posted my schedule - this year I'm taking Honors Spanish 4, Nursing Essentials (Healthcare Science 3), Honors Am. Lit, Algebra, Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology, and AP US World History. 

I have to admit...I'm having some anxiety about the schedule. I'm really excited about all my classes, but I also get a little disappointed in myself (ex. only taking one AP class), and I'm worried because I don't have a lot of my friends in my classes.

Honestly, most of my friends aren't taking Spanish 4, taking more than one AP class, and definitely taking a higher level of math. But the truth is, I love Spanish, I'm no good in math, and I love history and would rather make one 5 than a couple 3s and a 4 (I made a 5 on my AP World History exam, by the way). I have lunch with my best friend (thank goodness), but not with Rebekah, and that's super hard. I'm trying to keep positive and hoping that I'll have friends from my "group" in my classes, but also that I'll be able to come out of my shell and make new friends. Everything happens for a reason, and I'm just trying to pray instead of worry, considering last year was one of the best school years for me.

Hanging out with friends always makes me feel better, and Friday Rebekah, my friend, and I all hung out at the mall. We stayed for almost 3 and a half hours, which is a record for me, and visited all of our favorite stores!

We enjoyed that hats a little too much...clearly. ;)

We were pooped by the time we got home, so I nixed the workout I was planning (stationary bike or run) - mainly because my feet and legs were sore! Something about the mall wears you out.

Pancakes + friends + coffee = everything is better. Hopefully this will last through to school!

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