Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving fun!

Happy two days after Thanksgiving!!

Sorry for the lame opener, I really couldn't think of anything better than that. Anyways, I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving - I know I did! Food, friends, family, and fun - all a girl could (and should) ask for.

Also, I feel like I have to do this a lot, but please forgive my lack of pictures on actual Turkey Day. I never feel like I have enough on special occasions, and I was so busy helping and having fun that pics were certainly not at the top of my priorities! I made up for it later. :)

I woke up bright and early to a warm bowl of apple oats, and then took a walk in the chilly air before my grandparents got here.

We got all of our food prepared the day before - the only things that we had to cook were the turkey, the sweet potato casserole, and the rolls. Everything else was brought by our guests!

It was quite the spread, and I do declare one of the best Thanksgivings we've had, food-wise. Maybe it was just because I allowed myself, well, not only allowed myself, but actually wanted more food than previous years. (Recovery rocks, people).

So I don't have pics of the food (SORRY) but here's the general idea: it was very traditional with lots of traditional Southern food.

Mitchells: Turkey, sweet potato casserole, pea salad, Ideal Salad (family recipe), rolls, pumpkin pie, and apple spice cake
Granparents: Fresh green beans, cranberry and orange relish, more rolls
Aunt/Uncle: Mashed potatoes, squash casserole, a pound cake, and ice cream

So yes. Lots of food.

Family fun:

The dessert spread:

The only picture I remembered to take of what I was eating was halfway through my *second* piece my apple cake. Daddy made a pot of coffee for me to go with it - he knows me so well. It was deeeelicious!

Aaaannnddd then I ate some pie before heading off to my food coma. Just because.

Friday, I woke up, ate some oatmeal, surfed the web, and......went on a run!!

I just couldn't take sitting around anymore. I really couldn't. The weather was so clear and the sky was so bright and I just - needed it. You runners know what I mean!!!

So rather than running the entire time like my last run (a week ago), I did run-walk intervals. I didn't time them, I just kind of went with how I felt. It was amazing!!! I know that I have to build my endurance/etc back up, but I don't even care because as long as I get to run - just gah. *Rant over*

After refueling and showering, my Mom, Grammy, sis, and friend Sara headed into town for lunch and shopping.

We ate at a restaurant called Nine - it was really eclectic and cute! All of the walls were covered with canvas paintings.

All of their proteins (fish, beef, chicken, etc) were humanely raised, freshly caught, etc. and all of their produce was local.

I ordered the Salmon Cranberry Salad - definitely a "strange but good" combo. The salmon was flavored with basil and parmesan cheese - a killer combination! Grilled and served over a spring mix with walnuts, dried cranberries, parmesan cheese, and a basil dressing (on the side). I also asked for some rolls and they brought me a basket of sliced/buttered baguette. :)

Reibs got a Monterey Chicken Panini, and Grammy, Sara, and Mom all got quesadillas. I wouldn't know what they tasted like because none shared a bite with me!

After lunch, we spent a couple of hours walking around the little shops.

Everything was so cute and decorated for Christmas! I was totally in the spirit!

There was also a cat clinic with huge windows - you could see the kitties sitting in the sun!!!!!!! Maybe I found a job opportunity....??

After window-shopping a bit, we stopped for some coffee at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Shop. All of their coffee is fair-trade from Rwandan coffee farmers, helping those affected by the genocide (of 1994) to have a sustainable income. Read their story here!

Mmmm dark roast Rwandan coffee. Yes pleez. (I also had a KIND bar that I had stashed in my purse!)

Our last stop of the day was some casual hiking around The Mill.

Part of the mill:

Fall leaves! <3

Doesn't this look like a great running trail?

Haha they're not holding hands.

We ended the day with more leftovers for dinner and the rest of the pie for dessert. :) I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving (and/or Hanukkah!).

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm really sore

Holy sore, Batman. Ever since shaking up my exercise routine, I have been exploring a whole new world of sore.

Okay, I'm exaggerating just a bit, but let me tell you that walking/sitting down/typing is no easy feat at the moment. I think I was using the wrong body mechanics (or something) when I was doing an arm workout, because I strained a muscle on my forearm. Yes friends, I managed to do that. Tell me I'm not the only one!!!!

As most of you know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and there is still so. much. to. do. We have to get the house ready (remember the mess? still there), I have to bake both of my desserts, and those alone are gonna take up a big chunk of time. Gotta do whatcha gotta do. 

But enough chattering....onto the real reason for today!


Pear and Almond Baked Oats that were absolutely divine. I love the depth of flavor that the almond extract provides! I will be using that combo more often. Bonus: that was the last of the almond butter, but I saved enough for OOIAABJ. :)) Hehe


One of my more interesting combinations - it's a leftovers-clear-out-the-fridge kind of lunch. Couscous, black beans and corn, sauteed veggies, and roasted sweet potatoes. It was actually really delicious!


Repeat pic

If you were wondering, yes, yes I did have to search through my blog to find an adequate dinner picture. We had the same thing last night - stir fry w/ squash, zucchini, onions, and chicken over brown rice. It will never disappoint. 


After a long+chilly walk, I had myself a pot of coffee (s'mores flavor) prepared to warm myself right up. :)

I threw on my fuzzy socks and cranked up the space heater for extra coziness.

Along with that, one of my new favorite Larabaaarrss!! I wish this wasn't just a seasonal flavor! 

Yesterday, I was so. lazy. It was raining all day, it was cold, and I was just not feeling the whole workout thing. But I told myself if I could get through a 30 minute circuit, that's all I had to do for the day. So after my nap (this makes me chuckle at myself because I had done nothing to need a nap), I jumped out of bed and started.

Yes, my right capri leg is rolled up. I didn't even notice until I uploaded it - it's literally impossible for me to escape my dorkiness. 

Here's the workout I did - the original called for jump roping (jumping rope?), but I don't have one so I just replaced it with running in place/butt kicks. 

I went through twice, for a total of 30 minutes. After, I felt great and energetic so I added in a 10-minute arm workout. Oooowww.


So. Good. Must stock up. 

I hope you all have a safe, warm, joy and family-filled Thanksgiving!