Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday Shenanigans

Man oh man am I exhausted. I've already taken two naps today and I am still pooped!

Yesterday the sun came oooouuuuttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you can't tell by that picture, it was HOT. But the night before I had decided that if it was sunny, I'd go on a neighborhood run since I hadn't in almost a week (although technically you could count Saturday, but I wimped out within the first mile of my usual 3/3.5 miles).

I'm a fairly early riser, so you would think I could beat the heat easily, but I am in no way shape or form ready to exert much energy at 7:45 in the morning. I laze around, have a cup of coffee, and like to eat breakfast and chill before I start my day. I got out around 10:30 after working on my blog for a bit and letting breakfast digest.

In my mom's car, I found a cooler stocked with mini-water bottles leftover from church (the volunteers are provided with breakfast and beverages), and it served as my little cool-off station.

The run was hot (duh) but great! Sometimes I have these fantasies that one of my neighbors will see me all sweaty and running, dash out of their house, and yell, "Hey! Jessica! Need to cool off?" then grab their hose and spray me with miraculously cold water. And it's all slow-mo for extra dramatization. It may yet happen! There was luckily some shade, and halfway through I stopped at my "station", drank a gulp of water and then dumped the rest of it into my hat - pure bliss!!!!!!!! TRY IT.

Running essentials:

Ha ha - car reflection photo.

I sat in the shade from the back of the car and cooled off before going back inside.

Lobstah face!

I refueled with almond milk +  chocolate Nesquick - omg best refuel eveeeerrrrr.

I promptly got my chores done, got a hankering to make some baked oats out of the blue (recipe manana), and left for my sweet friend's house!

We swam for a couple of hours, and spent the rest of the night watching movies, chatting, and munching on popcorn. This definitely qualifies as a perfect summer day!

Adios, my lovelies!

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