Sunday, June 30, 2013


Well this week didn't turn out as planned.

So remember all the goals that I created for myself on Monday? They turned out harder to achieve than I previously thought, because Mom ended up getting really ill with pneumonia, and yours truly has been trying to keep the house and nerves together! Luckily she's feeling much better. :)

Here's a refreshment of all the goals I had decided upon:

  • Find a recipe/craft on Pinterest I did lots of cooking and baking, but no recipes were from Pinterest, so does that count or not?
  • Bake bread
  • Do a self-care activity
  • Get through 4 chapters in my book
  • Complete the workouts on my plan
  • Do 5 things for somebody else
Not too shabby, all things considering. There was no way in you-know-what that I felt like baking bread, it just wasn't happening. 

Here's how it all went down:

On the food front, I did a lot more 'creating' than I normally do. I used up the rest of our veggies in a super duper easy peasy quiche with a 100% whole wheat crust.

Mmmm it tasted like Mom's squash casserole she always makes on Thanksgiving - it had sauteed zucchini, onions, and, duh, squash.

Le kitchen looked lovely afterwards:

Mhm. I got my third OIAJ in 2 weeks since I snagged the last few spoonfuls again! Bwa ha ha ha. This one was technically OIASBJ, which made it extra super special.

I got to make dinner a couple of nights and go grocery shopping which made me a happy lady. I didn't take many pictures, but I made black bean, corn, and cheese enchiladas; quiche; Tex-Mex seasoned baked chicken with a bell pepper relish and sweet potato fries; and lemon pepper tilapia with Parmesan-sprinkled brown rice and green beans.

Self Care

Rebekah, Jonathan, and I headed out to see Monsters University after being cooped up in the house. Some day I will have a license!!

It was a completely adorable movie, and I loved all the easter eggs hinting at the first movie!!!

Friday, my sister, friend, and I went to see Now You See Me. It was a really good movie, and not too suspenseful, but enough to keep you guessing. I'd honestly be willing to see it again.

Zen we headed out to Brainfreeze for some froyo.

I got my whole plan in! Woo woo!

Monday: Strength training, full body

I set up a little area downstairs, complete with my yoga mat, 5-lb dumbells, and an episode of Friends. It was a 15 min workout, and yes, it left me sore.

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Ohgaw this run was HARD! I overslept (I was planning on getting out there at 8), and left the house at 10:15. Physically it was difficult - heat and running too soon after breakfast again - but I kept my pace steady and it ended up being one of my faster runs! Even though I say times aren't important to me, a 10 minute pace made me feel pretty good, considering a I walked more than usual and it was super hot. 

Wednesday: 35 minutes on the stationary bike

Woo I got a sweat sesh in on the biiiiikkkee. I have this habit of calling anything that I love to hate "stupid" out of hateful affection. For example, when I'm on the bike, I'm on the "stupid bike". When I run up Mt. Doom, I allow myself to walk up the "stupid hill" (the other hill in my neighborhood). I have this theory that this is because I wasn't allowed to say the word stupid when I was younger, so now this subconscious rebellion in me feels the need to refer to anything relatively unpleasant as, ya know, stupid. Maybe that's not the best mindset?!

So yeah. I got through 4 chapters on the stupid bike, which was knocking out two of my goals in one!

Thursday: 2.5 mile run, 10 minute arm routine

Yay for good runs - it ended up being really nice! Rather than going in the morning as originally planned, I waited until the evening. I liked it better than the morning, especially as a stress release of the day.



Saturday: 35 minute run with speed intervals

You guys, this morning reminded me of how mental running actually is. If your mindset isn't in it, then no matter how prepared you are physically, you aren't going to perform your best. Physically, I was good - I fueled and hydrated well before, but man - sometimes overthinking gets the better of me. I was going noticeably slower than I had planned on, my legs were sore, and I'm still adjusting to the heat that has sort of all of a sudden hit. So I got upset and frustrated at myself because after all, isn't this plan supposed to be helping me get faster and stronger? I was feeling pretty crappy!

Then I stopped abruptly, stretched out my legs, and cleared my mind. The rest of the run was wonderful! Nike's got it right: stop thinking, and just do it.



Let's be real here and say that no ab workouts were completed because I hate them and decided that running engages abs and therefore counts as ab-strengthening. I'll work on it.

Even though there were stressful parts of the week, I know what to change, how to change it, and it was a mostly good one! Froyo, mmmmm...........

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  1. I love getting froyo! And as for biking, I read on my ipad! I hope that you had a nice weekend!