Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My camera and I have been having relationship issues.

I had a lot of trouble getting my pictures to look just *perfect*, as my perfectionist mind thinks they should be. I refuse to use a tripod to minimize blur. 

Therefore, I am not completely happy with my photographs this week, but such is life.

Anywho, it's that time of week again! WIAW! Garden update! Whole Foods purchases!

Fun stuff.

Firstly, my beautiful breakfast of:

Cinnamon Cheerios, cinnamon almonds, vanilla yogurt, nectarine.

 Cinnamon Cheerios are the most addicting cereal ever. They're probably somewhere on the list of "sugary cereals" - but way down at the bottom. I probably wouldn't care anyways.

 Garden update: our garden is absolutely flourishing (more details later). We've picked a ton of tomatoes most likely due to the fact that we have 5 tomato plants, but have gotten mostly little ones. Zey are still delicious.

We were quite pleased with this giant tomato! 

Also picked from the garden:
6 tomatoes, a cucumber, 3 bell peppers, 2 banana peppers, one very spicy jalapeno.

Because of our abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers, I made a cucumber and tomato salad, and drizzled a vinaigrette I made over it. (Olive oil, vinegar, sage, oregano, lemon juice, salt, pepper). It was scrumptious!

We also have a hunormous cantaloupe. This baby provided us two overflowing large bowls of cubed 'loupe.

 Just kidding - this was from a farmer's market.

*Update: Well, uh, I'm a little embarrassed to say that that's all the meal pics I have. I've been such a slacker! Mainly because we've been super busy - next week, I promise more pics!!!*

Noowww for the Whole Foods purchases. I tend to want to take a really long time and browse every single item of merchandise in there - I have a feeling a lot of people like to do that!

These are not the best photographs ever, but they sufficed. ;)

From la panaderia: Pumpkin Apple Tea Bread!

Obviously this had been nibbled on before I could snap a pic. (It's good with coffee!)

Ooohhh and I updated my bar stash! *Squints eyes and squeals with excitement*

I put them in my very own designated jar. :) I plan to get new types of bars, but I still always go for Luna and Clif. Clif flavas: Banana Bread (hmm...), Coconut Chocolate Chip (!!), Mint Chocolate. Luna Bar Flavors: Chocolate Chunk, S'mores, Chocolate Raspberry, Nuts 'n Cranberries, Vanilla Almond <---very bland.

I do believe I'm set for another couple of weeks. Success!

I just found this yogurt called Siggi's. It says it's an Icelandic style of yogurt (in case you can't read...) - I can't wait to open it to see the texture. I was a little disappointed because I know they have a ton of cool flavors, but I only found vanilla. Good thing I love vanilla.

What happens when you have a curious kitty in your photoshoot:

Rebekah got some new teeaaa for me. Vanilla mint chai. 3 of my favorite types of tea combined.

It's loose-leaf tea for maximum authenticity.

I must admit, I'm pretty sure that Reba wasn't intending on sharing this with me, but she bought me a "tea dropper" (I have no idea what the correct term is). She's so sweet.

I will be using this soon.

I'm trying to find new grains besides tortillas (but I honestly love wraps!), brown rice, bread, etc etc, so I decided to try this Kashi Pilaf.
Featuring the 7 whole grains on a mission (with sesame).

I also Coffee. Coooffeee. (Addicted much?)

Coconut Vanilla Coffee. Yum. I got a teensy bit - .25 of a pound. That stuff is durn 'spensive!

And a hummus sampler. I love me some hummus.

You wouldn't believe the whiff of garlic I got after I opened this....

From the far bottom left working towards the far bottom right we have: Roasted Red Pepper, Zesty Garlic, Black Bean, and Traditional. I tried these later on that night, and all 4 were absolutely delicious. Hummus for the win!

We did get a lot few more things, but these were definitely my favorites. More hummus for me because nobody else eats in my family. Hopefully I won't burn out, although that is highly doubtful.

And we may have made a second trip elsewhere to get these babies.....

These. Things. Are. Amazing. By themselves, on top of ice cream, on top of yogurt...... Tart from the dried pomegranate, and bitter/sweet from the dark chocolate - so divine.

*Updaaaatteee: I took a picture of my afternoon snack and totally forgot until I was browsing through my pictures. So here it is!*

Still the best flavor ever.

That pretty much wraps up what we got at Whole Foods! I'm so excited to eat (or drink) all of the delicious items....I foresee a yummy week ahead!

Lilly and I bid thee a wonderful Wednesday.

Weeeelllll look what I found. Oh my.


  1. I just tried that siggi's yogurt too and loved it so much! I love the ingredients in it too!

  2. I LOVE tomato and cucumber salad! Especially in the summer when the veggies are so fresh. Yours sounds amazing.

    1. Thanks! Cucumber and tomato salad is so fresh and summery - I'm obsessed with it. I also like to add chopped red onion, black beans, sweet corn, and bell pepper for a Southwestern flavor.

  3. I love banana bread clif. u r so inspiring. oh and u should try pb cheerios