Monday, July 9, 2012

G&P's: Monday

G&P's stands for Grammy and Papa's in case you didn't catch on. :)

You know how I said that I was finally going to get to sleep in the big-girl bed while I was there?

Weeeelll about that.

Sunday night we settled down and watched Sherlock Holmes before going to bed. There's a lot of creepy stuff in that movie, so I Jonathan wanted me to sleep in the kids' room with him. Being the good sister that I am, I agreed to be in that room with him for the night. Just for Sunday night.

Plus this vent was making an evil noise....

Monday was the day that we were out and about the least, but we were still productive. It's amazing how much more productive you are when you don't have much television or electronics to use! Surprise, surprise.
It was really nice to just chat with Grammy and Papa over breakfast rather than watching an hour of tv. 

Buttercup and Abby Bell enjoyed the conversation too.

I've always been in love with my grandparents' house. With time on my hands, I took a few pictures of the rooms for a "tour" of the inside.

Starting with the front of the house, this is the foyer area/staircase that leads to the rooms upstairs. I lerv the tree and mirror!

Turning right from the front door (and left from where I was standing) is the dining room. We only eat in here on holidays or when the whole family is here.

Moving in another direction (I didn't plan this tour well....), this is the living room. You can see the foyer where the door is, and the staircase would be on the left side.

The opening on the far left is the small dinner table, where we will be eating the whole week. Turning around 180* from where I took this picture is the sunroom. We watch movies and Grammy + Papa use their laptop in here.

Looking out the window closest to the camera is the porch/gazebo thing. I love it. Sometimes we come out here to eat breakfast, read, or hang out in the evening. It's so lovely with the lights turned on. I suspect, however, it will be too hot and humid to be out there much. Sadness.

Walking towards the small dining room and turning right would be la cocina.

Now going upstairs and taking a left is the kids' room. It's, um, where the kids sleep. It's also where the kids' computer is. The decor is very appropriate for the ages of the kids that the house was built/decorated. :) Reibs and I were 5 or six, Bro wasn't born, Seth (cousin) was 2 or 3, and Makenzie (cousin) wasn't born. The bed I always sleep in is the one on the right.

Across the hallway (right of the staircase) is the parents' room, with the big bed. I unpacked an hung out in there.

Bird's-eye view of the living room.

After hanging out for the afternoon, getting chores done, reading, blogging, and chatting, Grammy and I got dinner started. 

Grilled chicken and roasted veggies was on the menu tonight. Simple, quick, easy, and yummy.

I quartered some beautiful red, gold, and purple potatoes. I love the color and flavor of purple potatoes!

Also sliced onions, squash yellow bell peppers, and 'sparagus. I cut waayy too many veggies (we had a whole onion, two zucchini, and a whole bell pepper I didn't even get to cook). I guess it's because I love them so much! Leftovers.....

Grammy grilled the chicken.


I think Papa enjoyed his meal!

 It was a mighty fine meal if I do say so myself.With the help of Grammy, of course.

After dinner, Bro was really wanting to get the BB gun out. I'm pretty sure that my dad has one, but we always use Papa's. I guess the woods in the backyard makes it seem more fun or appropriate? Hmm...

We were mainly shooting at trees, since there were no targets to aim for. Buttercup wanted to join in on the fun, too.

As a whole, a really, really nice day. I think we're going to end it with a movie - Step Up tonight! Whoop whoop.

And tomorrow....Brave, perhaps? :) Adios.

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