Monday, July 2, 2012

Forget it not......

Good morning!

My lame title is a totally awesome pun.

I'm here in South Georgia with my grandparents and brother. Reibs is on her way to church camp, while los padres are home alone (be good!). 

Despite the insane heat wave (I heard it's coming from the Arizona/Mexico area?), the bro and I are already having a great time! It's fun to be spoiled. ;)

I was all pumped up about, "Yeah!! My first trip on mah blog!" and took about 600 pictures in the time it took to get here - our parents dropped us off halfway and my grandparents drove us the rest of the way.

I remembered to pack everything that I wanted to come, which is practically unheard of with me. I also always leave stuff.

Anyways, about an hour away from the house, I suddenly remembered....

that I left my camera cord at home!!! Ugh!

Flashback to other blog at the beach last September..... there won't be any pictures. I was totally disturbed by this until I thought of a cool alternative:

I'll just keep the blogging at a minimum this week, so that I can spend time taking pictures and hanging out with my Grammy and Papa.

Then next week, I'll use all the pictures I had and each day blog about what I did this (last?) week.

(^^takes a brilliant mind to think of that.)

Quick confession: I often dream that my blog will some day be super popular and thousands of people will read it each day. It shall happen.

On the agenda:
-Just hangin' out around the house
-Grocery shopping
-Movie theater?

Have a marvelous Monday!

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