Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Colors of Summer

Random thoughts:

-I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Friday. Oops.

-I need to come up with more creative post titles.

-I had a weird dream that I had a pen pal in Africa, and he was teaching me to speak Swahili through our letters.

-In that same dream, I began working at the Frosty Frog five minutes away from my house, and nobody would let me sample the new ice cream flavors.

 -I'm starting school in a week. (A week!!!!!!)

-I drove to the Y yesterday.

-We have too many tomatoes.

-My arms and shoulders are really tan. But not really my face or legs.

-Although I have no Asian heritage whatsoever, I have very squint-tastic eyes when I smile. Only the Lord knows why that is.

-I have a million random pictures on my camera that I had planned on blogging with. Now I don't know what to do with them.

(Scatter-brain? Nah.)

Sigh. Life.

Lately around these parts, there has been a whole lot of this:

But today...sunshine!

Mount Doom - Part 1.

This is halfway up Mount Doom. It's not that bad to walk up, but to jog or bike - nope. I'd kill my knees. And my lungs. Plus is was really really really hot.

Despite the heat, the water and sunshine have been perfect fuel for our garden!

Holy growth spurt, Batman.

 We have gotten so. many. tomatoes. We pick some every day. Sometimes they'll be orange in the morning, but by the evening, they're ripe! Crazy.

There are so many vibrant colors in the summer. I love it! I don't think I have a favorite season, because all of them have characteristics that I adore. Color is definitely a factor in the summer.

Mount Doom Part 2:

The picture doesn't do the hill justice. It's not vertical steep, but it's a pretty steep incline. Obviously the pic is taken from the top. I'm pretty sure this is the hill that gives me a sore butt and thighs the next day.

My walk was quite pleasant for the first 15 minutes or so, as it was very shady. It cut the heat by about 10 degrees and was very enjoyable.

Then, on the other side of the hill, the sun is blaring directly down on me. By the time I get home I'm sweaty and hot and in need of hydration. Perhaps I should get out there earlier?

There is no apparent reason why I go on so many walks. I just love the nature in my neighborhood and watching things change as the weeks pass by. Lots of flowers start budding, then reach full bloom, and then go back down again in a matter of days. It clears my mind, I can blow off steam, it energizes me when I'm feeling sluggish, I can think about things - I actually come up with a lot of blog post topics on my walks!

A lot of people tell me they don't like going outside because they get bitten by so many bugs - I have to be honest and say I haven't gotten one mosquito bite the entire summer. Weird!

Weeeellll that's about all I can come up with for today. Sorry for the randomness of my thoughts. But it pretty much sums me up! 

And tomorrow is.........................

WIAW.Whoop whoop.

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  1. What an awesome garden!!! Enjoy being outside when you can (early in the day before the heat) and while you can( before school starts)!