Tuesday, July 10, 2012

G&P's: Tuesday

Why, hello. How is your day going? Mine's going wonderfully.

It's already Tuesday. Ugh. Where does the time go? I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. Or more days in the week (I probably won't be wishing this when school starts..).

I do love waking up to coffee.

I also love waking up to Miss Abby Bell hanging out on the roof.

I can see how she gets down, but how did she get up in the first place? Cats.

After a morning of blogging....

 Laying around.....

Striking poses....

We were ready to start the day.

Oh, by the way, my camera broke yesterday. I was in the middle of changing the batteries, and when I did it kind of halfway turned on and was being all weird, so Papa let me borrow his camera (Nikon D3000). It's a wonderful camera! :) I think the batteries were just dead batteries though.

Where was I? Ready to start the day!

Grammy was playing Mommy for us and driving us around.

Even though I have my permit, I'm still really anxious driving on the road. No driving into town for me!

Our first stop was to go get Bro some new flip-flops. He is a good 4 or 5 inches shorter than me, but he wears the same size shoe! Holy big feet, Batman!

 He chose these lovely UGA flip-flops. Go Dawgs.

I have such a beautiful Grandmother!

Next, we went to the movie theater to see Brave!! Oh, the style of a 10 year old....

Blue/Green baseball cap, neon orange b-ball shorts, UGA flip-flops, brown shirt, two sporty necklace things, sunglasses.

I will admit I was a little self-conscious taking a bunch of pictures of random things, but I got over it after a little while. 

We weren't planning on popcorn (we had just eaten lunch), but ended up getting some anyways. Movie food and drinks are 'spensive!

Bad lighting makes for bad pictures. Oh well.

Will someone please tell me what in the heck kind of popcorn this is?? Caramel or something?

Best thing ever invented, am I right?

Well well well, what is my boyfriend doing here?
Ticket lady was looking at me weirdly when I took this.

 The movie itself was adorable, charming, and funny, while the movie-watching experience was, eh, less than perfect (i.e. a group of little boys narrating every single event in the movie, and arguing about what Wii game they wanted to play when they got home. They settled on Mario Galaxy.) But it was still a cute movie.

What? My other boyfriend was there too. What's going on here?

We had to run a couple more errands, and by the time we got home, it was time to start making dinner - for Papa's birthday! 

Grammy told him she'd make whatever he wanted for his birthday dinner, and he of course chose burgers, cantaloupe, and sweet corn. Men and burgers - a match made in heaven, I suppose.

Beverages: root beer for los chicos,
And seltzer with fruit for las chicas!

Very yummy (and very red!) dinner.

And we couldn't forget another treat for the birthday boy....

Warm brownies with vanilla bean ice cream on top.....Mmm....

Quite delicious indeed! Eaten whilst watching Batman Begins. (inspired by the sight of my boyfriend in the theater...)

A very sweet end to a very sweet day (perhaps I'll even sleep on the cloud tonight....).

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