Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Ate *Last* Wednesday


As last week's WIAW was for the Fourth of July, I decided that I should honor the holiday by sticking to Red, White, and Blue and American themed eats. :) 

After getting halfway through Batman Begins, I had to hit the hay at about 10:30 - I was so exhausted. I finally made my way into the "big bed" room - and that bed is THE MOST COMFORTABLE THING EVER. The mattress is made out of clouds. I slept like a rock (or is it sunk like a rock?) for about half and hour before the Bro came in my room, requesting that I stay with him so he wouldn't get scared of the Scarecrow.

Sigh. Brothers.

My alarm was set for 8:00 this morning, so I could go on a bike ride before the world moved dangerously close to the sun again. Woke up at 9.

And who was already up making the coffee?

This coffee is Thai coffee. Thai. Coffee. I didn't even know they drank coffee in Thailand - shouldn't they be drinking green tea or something?

Anywhoo. It's delicious. (Not that I expected anything different with Papa's coffee.) This particular coffee is actually part of a cause - I think that the money goes to foundations that stop teenage sex trafficking.

 Well, I guess I'll talk about breakfast now.

Black cherry Chobani, blueberries, 'naner, p-nut butter, rolled oats. Scrumptious, and although the oats may look like squirrel food now, when you mix it all together the oats soak moisture from the yogurt and they get all soft and chewy.

Super filling, but it was perfect fuel for my bike ride! I think the coffee and water contributed to my fullness. The only thing I don't care for with my camera is it makes the portion sizes seem a lot smaller than they actually are.

Got the bro to come out with me - he got the tiny bike. Heehee.

I love the dirt road that my grandparents live on - it's perfect for walking, biking, jogging, and practicing driving. ;) There's an awesome round-about thing halfway through, and it leads to a horse barn. I liked seeing all the horses out of the stable. They're kind of cute from a distance (I. Do not. Like. Horses.)

I was doing great with the biking for the first 10 minutes - then all of a sudden, my thighs and calves were on fire. Long time, no bike - my legs felt the burn. I was all the way at the end of the road, so I just pushed through and biked back, and the pain completely went away. That's what happens when you push your limit, I guess. I biked probably for a total of 30ish minutes - I was obsessed with the round-about thing and circled it about 4 times. 

I never ever bike at home - there is no way I am trekking up Mt. Doom in my neighborhood. No way. But biking was a lot better for my crappy knee, I think!

I was a sweaty mess when I got back. It gets hot fast. 

Good 'ole Deer Park to hydrate me up.

It was supposed to be a leisure bike ride, and not a workout, but that's kind of what it ended up being - with all the burning and sweating and what not. (BTW....I was told I could do physical activity  pretty much whatever I want as long as I fuel well before, after, and throughout the day. Yeah, dawg.) My legs felt like Jello when I got back - I had to grip my thighs while walking up the stairs!

I thought I would be famished when I got back, but I was still feeling satisfied from breakfast, so I showered and got a couple of chores done.

By about 11:30, I was a Starvin' Marvin'. Hunger hits fast too.

Massive apple (red!). This thing was ginormous. My good friend, peanut butter. I've come to love the taste/texture of natural peanut butter, but nothing ever beats good 'ole Jiffy Creamy for me. Eaten with a water bottle and whilst blogging.

Shtill hungry, so I had some of those Dark Chocolate Almonds.

They are so good. They have almost a coconutty flavor to me - weird, but awesome. Almonds are pretty 'Murican, right?

After snack-time, the bro and I were about to hop on a Hawaiian Roller Coaster ride,

...but Grammy and I took a trip to Sam's for some cucs and 'maters for the pasta salad tonight. They only had local cucumbers (the tomatoes were from California and Mexico!!), so we had to drive somewhere else for the tomatoes. We picked up some peaches too. :)

Look! My permit has a hologram!

Lunch time:
Well, this wasn't very American at all. Rice, black beans, cheese, yogurt, stir-fried veggies, chopped cashews for crunch. It was also photographed halfway through eating.

Three hours of random chores and conversations with Grammy, my thighs were killing me, and I was getting hungry for a snack. I opted for some protein/carb/potassium. Snack: Bran Flakes with milk and banana.

There's cereal in there, I promise (and a random banana string.)

Red, white, and blue! I like the red cup with the turquoise.

I was soooo tiirreed, and my thighs hurt soooo baaadd, so rather than reading like I planned, I did this:

There was supposed to be a picture here of me pretending to be asleep, but I was told by J that it was too weird to put on my blog. Oh well.
At 6:00, off to the Fourth of July partay!

It was a barbecue with some of my grandparents' friends, with swimming and grilling and fireworks. It was a touch embarrassing to be taking so many pics, but I didn't mind after a while.

We had hot dogs. Yikes. Aside from my whole ED fear food issues resurfacing, I dogs. Where am I from?!

I was hungry, so I pushed past these fears and tried a hot dog. I really did try to eat it. I slathered in in ketchup and mustard. But after two bites, I had to leave it (or, rather, give it to Jonathan). People have certain foods they just don't like, and I didn't want to feel like I had to eat it or I'd be giving in to "ED." I wasn't going to feel guilty for leaving the dog.

The portion sizes on this plate are a little small - my inner insecurities came out a little bit. Shame on me after all this preaching about loving yourself no matter what! It wasn't fear of the food - it was the size of my appetite. I get hangry.

I reevaluated, and got another heapin' helpin' of pasta salad, as it was now my entree, more watermelon, and a couple more of those fruit skewers.
I was, however still a little too embarrassed to take another picture of my plate. I'm working on it.

Broski and I became fish for the rest of the night.

Until fireworks, that is! The display was basically what you get when you have 6 boys who got permission to be in charge of them. Limited. Still pretty, but limited.

I didn't get any good ones of the fireworks in the air, but I did get some pretty good firecrackers.

Evening snack:
Yogurt, granola.

Now, I have a date with some British shampoo and a hot shower.

God Bless 'Murica.


  1. I LOVE LILO AND STITCH! And fireworks. Just wanted to mention that. <3

  2. I loved rolled oats uncooked with yogurt and PB!