Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goin' Down South

It's the weekend. Time to partaaayyy.

As you know, last week I was at my grandparents' house down in Albany, Georgia. I sort of took the week off, and instead of writing about my days, I wrote my Love Your Body Mini-Series. So today starts the day that I catch up on my vacation posts!

Be forewarned: the posts will be (quite) lengthy, with lots of pictures! :D But I worked hard on them, and they were so fun to write. I hope you enjoy them!

Saturday Evening

Oh, the joys of packing. I actually love packing. I'm not sure how so many people find it stressful....

I'm so excited to be seeing Grammy and Papa! :) They live about 4 hours south of us, so we don't see them as often as we'd like. I'm think that the last time I saw them was Thanksgiving......yeesh.

The Madre, Hermana, and I hit up Tarjay to get a few travel-essential items. Reba will be at our church's camp for the week that the Bro and I are in Albany.

When we arrived at Target, I headed straight to what I refer to as "the Mini Section" (you know, the wall of baskets with all the little toothpastes and shaving cream and shampoos?). I think all the mini items are so cute!

We also went to that "Natural Foods" grocery store that I talked about a while ago, and got some nut butter goodies. :)

Chocolate peanut butter....mmmm......

I loaded up my stash of bars...

And my Tazo tea! I couldn't leave without it.

I also decided to bring a few movies.:D

My top choices are quite mature. Monsters Inc. always makes me cry. Even if it's not full-blown crying, I at least get teary-eyed ("Kitty!"). I also added Lilo and Stitch and Sherlock Holmes later that night. Hopefully we'll be seeing Brave, too.

I found this odd trick on Pinterest to keep your necklaces from tangling up. Quite genius, actually!

Can't wait to get going!!


Woohoo!!!!!! Time to go!!!!

Lilly knows I'm leaving.....

Bro and I are quite exited. We woke up and went to church this morning, then got back home, packed up the car, and hit the road, Jack!

You know that weird heat you feel when you walk next to a car from the exhaust? Yeah, that's what it's felt like, all over, all day.

Desert heat, I tell you.

There were no exciting events on the two hour ride, so I have no pictures.

Since Grammy and Papa live 4 hours away from us, if just the grandyoungons' are staying with them, we meet halfway. That way my parents don't have to drive 8 hours just to drop us off.

So, as usual, we met up at the Pilot truck stop.

While waiting for the grandparents to arrive, I snacked on a Cliffy Bar. (Random joke: What did the mountain climber name his son? Cliff! Ha!)

Padre and Madre are so adorable!

Half an hour of waiting later, Grammy and Papa came to pick us up! I didn't take any picture of the exchange, because we were rreeaaddyy to get home!

The Arrival

I. Love. My grandparent's house. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, and there's not the hustle and bustle of cars zooming by that I'm used to. It's only about a 15 minute drive to get into town, but still. It's a small town, and I love it.

Buttercup was there to greet us.

Since Madre and Padre weren't here this time, I finally get to sleep in my own room. Finally!!! Normally, the kids share a room with two twin beds, and since there are three of us, Brosef always gets an air mattress on the floor. It's hard to sleep with all three of us in there. (i.e. talking/giggling, fake snoring, etc...)

But indeed, I will be sleeping by myself tonight. Mwa ha ha.

As I unpacked, I found these Dark Chocolate almonds we picked up that I forgot about! I can't wait to try them.

Who are these two people?! They look familiar!

Who do I look more like? Madre or Padre?

Ah. I'm so happy to be here. YAY!

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