Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lots of words. Read on.

(Title explains all.)

The sun is shining.

Nature is bursting with vibrant tropical greens and flowers are in full bloom with vivid colors.

Temperatures creep up to 100* and luscious rainclouds cause steam to rise up from the asphalt after a heavy rain.

Birds are chiping.

Cicadas are singing.

People are swimming.

It is most definitely summer. (And let's not forget the Olympics! Go Team USA!)

But apparently not for me, because I go back to school this Wednesday! Poo.

Sorry for the blogging hiatus for a couple of days - I have been super busy and not had time to blog. My b. I do have a few new things that I have new to say:

Over the last few weeks of summer, I have noticed that there has been way too much electronic usage in my daily life. Now, this is kind of inevitable in the world that we live today, but I was just getting so, so bored sitting in front of the television or staring at a computer screen (I blame Pinterest).

Also, reading all these terrible articles on Yahoo! news and Foxnews about crimes and things drive me loopy. They get me so paranoid and afraid (which are definitely not thoughts from the Lord, but from Satan).

So taking a step back and looking at the way these things make me feel, I've decided to limit myself on them.

As a young girl, I used to do so many things other than television (and I wasn't a young girl that long ago!) - I used my imagination all the time, I was fascinated with historical and scientific things (nerd child, remember?), I colored, drew, read, wrote - TV and computers were really just a tiny part of my life. I think I was limited to Little Bear, Blues Clues, and Sesame Street on the TV, and I always played Reader Rabbit computer games rather than actually getting on the Internet.

Perhaps that's because I was 5.

My point is, is I've been staring at screens being bored too much - therefore I have come up with an experiment and/or solution. A series of tasks and goals that take up my time not using the TV or computer. For every minute/hour I spend on the television/computer, I do something creative, using my brain, or active. Then I would evaluate how I felt at the end of the day!

I also refrained from Yahoo, Foxnews, and other news websites that would bring me down. Ignorance is bliss, my friends.

Plus, rather than spending an hour pinning things on Pinterest, I'm actually starting to do some of the things that I have pinned. Yay-uh!

And it totally worked. I felt soooo productive and proud of myself. I spent an hour on the computer - tops - and a maximum of two hours on the TV. The less you use them, the less you want to use them. (I'm sure I'm not considered a 'normal' teenager for wanting to limit my electronic usage.)

So what have I been doing for the past 4 days?

Reading Sci-fi at breakfast.

Making foam.

Attempting to make friendship bracelets.

Emphasis on "attempting".

Striking a yoga pose.

Taking walks.....and having tan legs! Dang!

Babysitting adorable kids.

He's so silly. Aside from the weird lighting, he was caught in the middle of saying "Cheeseburger." And the Oreo dust around his mouth amps up his cute factor by a million.

Coloring pictures. Observe the way I made this a calico kitten, not just a solid color.

Completeing afternoon tea logs (and I should probably get started on those 54 levels....)

Plus lots more reading, writing, shopping! 

Hike this afternoon! Woot woot.

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