Thursday, July 12, 2012

G&P's Thursday:Tortugas

Happy Thursday, my 10 readers. :D

Not complainin', folks, not complainin'.

I have quite enjoyed writing these lengthy vacation posts! Gives me something to write about. I'm leaving tomorrow. I don't want to think about it. :(

It has been SO HOOTTT. You'd think it's been hot here forever, but in reality, the heat wave hit about a week ago. (Author's Note: Remember this was written a week ago.) Like that episode of the Twilight the Earth was drifting dangerously close to the Sun, but in reality, they were drifting away. Creepy!

So naturally, I thought it would be a good day for another bike ride.

For some odd reason I thought I despised biking, but it's actually pretty awesome. (Well, except when you're biking up Mt. Doom.....). Loving the dirt road, too!

I was smart this time and brought a water bottle in the nifty holder thing.

I have no idea how far I biked, and I would love something to track mileage (out of curiosity), but it's probably for the best not to have one at this moment in time. I think obsession would ensue.

Nifty holder thing failed me halfway through.

After hydrating, I picked up my camera from the house and attempted some better pictures of the horses.

This one would have been awesome if my arms weren't so shaky!

Kudos to triathletes. Swimming turns my arms to jello, and biking turns my legs to jello. Should I compete in a triathlon I would look like this:

Gnats were feasting on my salt by this point, so I had to retreat back to the air-conditioned house. It was gnasty (ha!).

I got back to the house, rinsed off my face, and went to the coldest, darkest corner of the house and ate my snack. It was miraculously cool.

After I had showered (hallelujah for cold water), Grammy and I got a couple of chores done, and I blogged for a little while, we headed out to Thronateeska Museum and Turtle Park. Me amo tortugas!!

Oh, and I drove!


Not all the way, but down a couple of main roads. The ride conversation went like so:

Jonathan: Hold up! Let me pray before we go. Cough cough. Specifically for me.
Grammy: Wonderful idea! We trust God with things like this.
Jonathan: Wow, uh, this isn't so bad. Nice job, Jessica.
Grammy: She's great!
Me: Okay, we're on the road now.
Jonathan: OMGOMGOMG there's a CAR COMING!
Grammy: Well, Jessie's doing just great.
Jonathan: Oh. Oh no. OMG. There's a garbage truck ahead!
Grammy: Fantastic, Jess. You are so awesome.
Me: I have to turn around now.
Jonathan: What?!?!?!?! On the ROAD?!
Grammy: No, she's going to a driveway, see? She's amazing.
*I turn around and drive back to the entrance of the neighborhood*
Jonathan: WHEW! I am relieved. We didn't die.
Grammy: See? Jess is a good driver.
Jonathan: Yeah, and we're still alive! I think you're the best driver EVER, Jessie!!!!!!!! etc etc etc

(^^That may have been a wee bit dramatized, but it was mostly accurate!)

Right. I suspect the Bro has a little road anxiety.

Grammy drove the rest of the way and we went around downtown Albany.

I love all the architecture! It's so old-fashioned.

This is a really old movie theater. Grammy said Papa used to take her on dates there!

Can you spy the two turtles in this picture?

I had a hard time managing to get any other good pictures, because we were riding in the car. If it had been less scorching, we would have walked around town.

We finally made our way to the Thronateeska Museum. It was.....what you would expect a small-town museum to be. We were the only people there, and decided to skip on the "Molecularism" showtime.

It did have a few cool exhibits, though.

Quick story: When I was in third grade, all I wanted to be was a paleontologist. I am was quite a dorky child. Me and my two best friends would talk about dinosaurs all day, check out dinosaur books from the library, and play "meteorologist" at lunch time. I was a special kid.


Brosef informed me that this was John Watson from Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps he invented the first airplane, not the Wright Brothers. Hmm.....

There was a train "exhibit" out the back door, but it wasn't much of an exhibit unfortunately. :/

After deciding that the museum was somewhat of a bust, we made our way to Turtle Park. By this time Brosef was repeating over and over, "Can we go to Turtle Park. Can we go to Turtle Park. Can we go to Turtle Park."

We walked through a very well air-conditioned Albany Welcome Center, and I saw this super-cool mural:

My favorite piece:

Then retreated back into the scorching heat to see the park. There weren't very many turtles there anymore!!!

These are the only two turtles I got. :( Apparently they got dispersed throughout the town - what the heck?! It's called Turtle Park!! There are so many more turtles than this!

Meh. A few of my childhood memories were lost with that. So disappointing.

This is the actual playground:

I love the mosaic!

Brosef and I especially missed our good friend, the giant turtle.

He looks like a Moe, doesn't he? Atop Moe:

Grammy and I were planning on walking down by the Flint River and walking along the trail, but it was way too hot for that.

Hermano and I were melting in the heat (and I was morphing into an Asian.)

Strained smiles. We headed home and I slept for two hours. Methinks Monsters Inc. is on the movie agenda for tonight. I need to buy a box of tissues!
A great day, per usual at Grammer and Papa's house. I don't want to leave. :(


  1. I've just found your blog and think it's fab - you write beautifully and your photos are great. So I thought I'd say hi :D x

  2. why thank you! that pretty much made my week! :)