Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Chat

Hey heeeyy.

Since I've been doing a bunch of recaps lately, I figured I'd just sort of babble talk about whatever. Let's chat, shall we?

1. I've been noticing that I'm waking up earlier and earlier, even without my alarm. I've kind of trained my body to just naturally wake up around 8ish, and now my eyes have been popping open 7 or 7:30, but I normally make myself stay in bed. I guess I'm just a night owl/early bird at the same time?

However, it does make me feel productive to actually get stuff done in the morning. This morning I got my run in before breakfast, which is practically unheard of!!! However, the temperature was waaayyy more ideal than when I wait later in the day.

2. While in New York, I mentioned visiting O&Co a couple of times. Mom ended up going back and buying some merchandise, but we didn't want to take it on the plane, so had it shipped to our house. Long story short, it's here! Excitement.

3. Another treat came in the mail for me:

I predict a marathon in the future.

4. Lately, I've been in kind of a weird rut. I'm still in the proverbial teenage "who am I?!" stage in life, and meh, sometimes it hits me hard. Also, college has been on the brain as of late. Sigh. Growing up.

5. Going along with #4, I've decided to start setting reasonable goals at the beginning of the week, and at the end of the week, assessing how many I was able to accomplish. I'm thinking about posting the goals on a Monday, and the outcomes on a Friday, just to keep myself accountable. I think it'll be fun!

6. Running this week has been kind of off for me. I keep having really so-so runs, so I've been thinking it's time to come up with a training plan to become a stronger runner (and just stronger overall). Post on it later!

7. Random, but the combo of nectarines and raspberries is completely divine. I've been putting them together at breakfast for the past three days!

I need to brighten and lighten my pictures more often - the colors on this one are so vibrant! Me like.

6. My current author obsessions are Michelle Moran and Lavender Ironside, who both wrote trilogies about ancient Egypt that I read. Right now I'm reading another Michelle Moran book about Madame Tussaud, and it seems to be the cause of my lack of sleep!

7. I'm getting a little cabin fever and have found myself outside more than last summer, even though we haven't gone to the pool nearly as much. I used to think outside was just for exercise, but I find that just swinging on the swingset, jumping on the trampoline, or sitting on the porch chatting with Rebekah are all fun things to do - it brings back a lot of good memories!

8. I tend to write 2 or 3 blog posts at a time - it's major ADD. I start on a post, and then while writing it get inspiration for another post, and while writing that one remember the topic I was going to use for another post. I really need to clear out my draft box.....

9. Sooooooooooo I really need to get some of my Pinterest stuff done. I have almost 3,000 pins and have completed maybe 2 crafts and 2 recipes. But most of my pins look more like this than anything:

10. As if there wasn't enough I love about summer, summer attire has now been added to that list. Slipping on sundresses and sandals, not worrying about makeup - it just makes life feel a little bit more relaxed.

Peace out, girl scouts!

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  1. I feel ya on waking up earlier. The same has been happening for me. Maybe it's the sun coming out earlier? As for college, I have been feeling nervous and slightly (very slightly) sad about it. I am excited to go to college, but that means that I grow up. Boo. Growing up is scary, but exciting all at the same time!