Monday, June 10, 2013

The Big Apple

As I'm sitting here drinking my freshly brewed out-of-the-Keurig coffee, massaging my aching legs that hurt so good, I'm beginning to realize how much I could actually live in NYC.

We woke up at 4:45 in the morning, and left with huge cups of coffee in hand for the airport at about 5:15.

Our flight's departure was 8:40 am, and we made excelente time, after running through security checks and all that good stuff, we still had an hour left.

We met up with Grammy who had spent the night at a hotel, and then it was just time to wait to board!

Coffee, peanut butter+honey sandwich, plus a really beat up banana to fuel me through to New York!!


Flying over Atlanta.....

2 hours later, arriving in Queens....

We took a taxi to Manhattan - and from that point on I had a bit of culture shock, but I completely loved it! The traffic freaked me out, but let me tell you - taxi drivers are badass. For realz.

After checking into our hotel, we really couldn't get anything off of our mind but to get some lunch! Sandwiches at a local deli/grocery place, me and Grammy split a smoked turkey sub that was heavenly. Mainly because we were Starvin' Marvins.

When our tummies were finally full and grumpiness subsided, we took the subway to the MoMA! 

The real Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night! Be still, my heart.

Henri Matisse



Ahhh Monet's waterlily muraaaalllll

Creation of the modern scissors....

The first monochrome porcelain dinner set....

We made it through impressionism/postimpressionism, modernism, expressionism, futurism, cubism (I posted like a quarter of the pictures I took), and a few other that I can't really remember. :) We were exhausted by that point and checked into our room.

Glorious, glorious beds. 

After naps, our stomachs were rumbling again and we walked/subwayed to Rebekah's choice landmark: Ellen's Stardust Diner, in Times Square.

The servers sing to you. They run around and sing into microphones and perform. I kid you not. The food was meh, but the entertainment made up for that. There's actually a lot of history behind it, a lot of actors and actresses on Broadway start out by working there!

Speaking of Broadway, we were right across from where the Tony Awards were being held!

Literally 15 steps away from famous people. 

The last stop was Rockefeller Center - Top of the Rock! Nighttime in NYC is definitely magical! I was a little light-headed on the 63rd floor. 

We then trekked back to the hotel functioning purely on adrenaline, and crashed into bed. 

First thing tomorrow: Greenwich Village Food Tour!!

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