Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New York: The Last Day

Sigh. Today marks the day of my last recap, 6 in total. Hang in there! 6 days, 5 nights in New York.

I slept in about 30 minutes later than I had been, because we had only two places we were planning on going: back to Greenwich Village again to go to Rafele for lunch, the Met after, and then to the airport. Our flight wasn't until 8, so we had a good chunk of the day to get everything done.

Mom, Rebekah, and I actually had to run some errands to get some more luggage; we didn't have enough room in our carry-ons for souvenirs and our clothes, so we walked down a couple of blocks to get a couple of suitcases. I picked up a vanilla soy latte from Starbucks because it was chilly, windy, and rainy - I guess my body is just more accustomed to Georgia's hot, humid climate.

Use your imagination that this is my cup. :)

We took the subway to Greenwich Village, and for the third time, we ended up on another part of the neighborhood! We had to walk around a little bit to figure out where we were, but it was fine because Greenwich Village is just so scenic! I love the architecture and historic buildings.

When we finally found Rafele (thanks to Reibs who had been our navigator), we were all huuuunnnggrry.

The service was very quick, and we were seated and given slices of bread with olive oil for dipping. :) We gobbled the platter up we were so hungry!

Since we hadn't gone to many sit-down restaurants (I know, a shame in NYC - but mainly due to the fact we were so busy all the time), I challenged myself to order something I'd never had, and something I wouldn't ordinarily make at home.

The product was a salad course of "Insalata di Finnochio" - a shaved fennel salad with a light anchovy vinaigrette. 

The anchovy element might turn some people away, but it didn't bother me at all, and I honestly couldn't taste anything fishy! The main flavors that came through were lemon, olive oil, and definite spicy notes. It was a really good, and I shared some bites with the other chicas. ;)

Ever since the food tour, I had been thinking of the eggplant rolitini, but it wasn't on the menu!!!!! So I opted for the melanzana, which was essentially the same thing - eggplant, mozzarella, and tomato.

I mmmmmmm'd my way through this whole dish. It was perfection! I would have licked it clean, but I decided it would be more appropriate to use a piece of bread to soak up the remaining sauce and cheese. :)

Grammy ordered the same thing, and Mom and Rebekah ordered pasta dishes. Mom got spaghetti carbonara, and I can't remember what Rebekah got - it looks like a tomato sauce with breadcrumbs on top?

I had a bite (or two) of both, and they were delicious as well. Pancetta and house made pasta, yum.

Our waiter was really nice, and brought us a free slice of cheesecake because we came back from the food tour!

It was vanilla bean ricotta cheesecake finished off with a drizzle of strawberry sauce - SO DELICIOUS (I'm still thinking about it!), but it had no business being split between four people. ;) At least a couple bites are better than no bites!

On our way to the Met, I picked up another one of the white bean sandwiches from Amy's for the airport. Officially obsessed. Avocado, yo.

So we took the subway and ended up by the Museum of Natural History, which was the closest station to the Met. Which meant: walking through Central Park! I could have easily spend hours just leisurely walking through the park - it was a perfect day for it.

Dang I love that girl. We got sort of lost and ended up at seemingly random street - which headed right towards the Met! We took the scenic route apparently.

Unfortunately, getting lost caused us to be low on time so we had to pick up the speed through the museum.

The Met was amazing and my favorite place we went to. I felt so connected to history and culture. I took probably 200 pictures alone there, so here's some highlights from each exhibit - I hate to pick favorites, but I think that the Egyptian gallery might be my top, with 18th century European paintings in close second.




And the last exhibit we made it to was Greek and Roman art, and as you might guess, it was mostly
sculptures! It was very fascinating. I spared you the larger than life-size male sculptures...

We only stayed for 2 hours, which was not nearly enough time. :( There were so many more galleries that we wanted to get to, and we would have spent more time on each gallery that we actually did make it through. But alas, we had a plane to catch.

Traffic was horrible. It took over an hour to get to the airport, which was double the time it took on Sunday! But from what the cab driver told us, it was just normal Friday rush hour!!

At le airport....

On le plane....sandwich! I'm a hoarder so I also had a banana, apple, trailmix, Biscoff cookies, and a dark chocolate raspberry Pure Bar stuffed in my purse among other things.

I kid you not when I say I got a bit emotional looking at the skyline off in the distance!

Bye, NYC. I'll be seeing you again soon!

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