Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Roundup

It's June already?! I can't believe how quickly time flies. I also can't believe that this time, one week from today, I'm going to be in NYC!

I keep experiencing major writers' block for some reason - maybe it's just the beginning of summer laziness relaxation? Luckily this weekend was productive, which is always a plus in my book. 

Friday, Mom and I spent the majority of the day out and about and running errands. We were pooped by the time we got home! I got some new clothes and a pair of desperately needed running shoes - my poor tennis shoes have been with me through a lot. Like, mud, hiking, crossing over a creek, running, walking, biking a lot.

I was really, really picky when it came to choosing these shoes. I've been having knee problems, which I'm almost sure my old tennis shoes were a factor in, and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. After like 30 minutes of trying on and walking around in different tennis shoes (and blocking the path for any others who wanted to browse in that section), I decided on the Nike Dual-Fusion. Definitely not the color planned (blue or green is always my fave), and not the brand planned either, but they fit well, were light, and I loved the shades of pink and orange.

I also picked up a Camelbak water bottle that I've had my eye on for a while. I'm really glad I invested in one, because I really like it - it hasn't really left my side since I got it! :) Hydrate up.

My mom and I are blessed to have a really close relationship - I always have such a fun time hanging out with her. She's the best.

Saturday morning I laced up and went out for a great run.  

It was a really, really nice run at an easy pace for the first 20 minutes, but when I hit about 25 minutes - BAM - crank up the heat!!! I swear out of nowhere the temperature went up about 10 degrees - I was a complete sweaty mess by the time I got home. I'm going to have to motivate myself to get up earlier if I don't want to end up with a major runner's tan/overheating. No bueno!

My favorite vanilla almond milk plus a nectarine to refuel the muscles.

The rest of the day was just the usual chores (although I completely reorganized my closet and cleaned my room --->what ensues when I'm feeling especially productive), and burying my nose in my Kindle.

There was also an incident in which Rebekah and I spent half an hour taking extremely attractive unattractive attractive selfies that I refuse to post on the blog. Just thought you'd be interested.

Sunday, oh Sunday. I started the week with a non-traditional breakfast of frozen Kashi waffles, melty TJ's sunflower butter, and a another completely perfect nectarine. Mom always chooses better (read: riper) than I do.

I'm obsessed with the turqouise+orange color combo

Sundays are always low-key, and I was planning on going for a walk after church/lunch, but it started thundering so a 2 hour nap took place instead.

Typical of Georgia weather, when I woke up the sun was shining and all the moisture from the rain had evaporated. I then got rained on on my way home. Go home weather, you're drunk.

I finally got a Pinterest craft done (homemade camera strap cover), and ended the day hanging out with this funny lady.

So there's my weekend - I'm looking forward to taking on the week!

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