Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Things Friday

Hello friends, and happy Friday!

Summer is officially here for me! Yesterday morning, I took my last final. On my final report card, I have all A's and one B (Algebra...but a B is a freaking accomplishment in math for me). Yay!

 I also worked for 4 hours yesterday and man, am I sore. Scooping ice cream and being a food/drink runner should count as an exercise! The last day of the school year is apparently the craziest for an ice cream place...shoulda guessed. And my job for today....spring cleaning!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

Five things I ate:

Vegan Banana Oat Pancakes with peanut butter, blueberries, and coffee

Babysitting meal - brown rice, black beans, mixed chopped bell peppers, salsa, avocado, mango, and side of Zevia (which I have decided I do not like at all!)

Crumbled vegan banana muffin, banana slices, melty peanut butter, and cinnamon sprinkles

Ridiculously sweet and delicious cantaloupe

Aaannnddd unpictured samples of ice cream at my work. My favorite flavor right now is called Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie! Da bomb.

Five things I read:

Right. If we're being totally honest, I've had all of these links bookmarked for like...weeks. So I'm finally putting them up, because why not?!

Compare, But Be Fair via Healthy Tipping Point

Happy Weight vs. Ideal Weight via Delicious Knowledge

Why It's More Than Okay to Have Fat Days via Lifting Revolution

Exercising After an Eating Disorder via Bring Joy

Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story via Enjoying the Small Things

(Yes, all but one are health/wellness related - but they're all great reads!)

Five pins:

Love this quote.

The amount of joy in this picture!!!

Red Cabbage Smoothie!  An interesting change from the usual spinach.

So my style.

Ugh so in love. <3

Five things making me happy:

My new job! Check out my awesome uniform.


Hangin' out with Reibs.

This goober (yes, he's sitting on a hat).

My new nailpolish.

Well, I'm off to start my spring cleaning (aka throwing away everything that has been in my closet for more than 3 years...there's a lot). Have a lovely, lovely Friday!!!


  1. Congrats on your fabulous report card! You should be so proud! Algebra has always been really hard for me! Enjoy your closet purge!

    1. Algebra is just no bueno! And thank you!

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Mmmm so many yummy eats ;) login the pancakes!
    Great job of the grades! Believe me when I day seniotitis is going to hit you next year, but keep going strong!

    1. Pancakes are my love. <3

      And thank you so much - I think I've already started senioritis, haha!

      Have an awesome day, girly! :)

  3. Congrats on your new job and awesome report card! Your food looks amazingly delicious as always!

  4. So jealous you're done with school!!! That pic of the girl with the kitty.. so beautiful. And the color in that smoothie, so deep and vibrant! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, girly <3

    1. Pssshhhh thanks love. And I know, right? That's partly the appeal of putting cabbage into my smoothies!

      Hope you have an awesome day!

  5. ISN'T IT GREAT BEING DONE WITH SCHOOL? And I love the pins/articles you've been reading. That smoothie is gorgeous!


      I actually tried the smoothie and I have to say...was not impressed. I could taste the cabbage, and it had a weird texture! Maybe I did something wrong?! I mean how do you mess up a smoothie recipe?!

      Aaaannnyywaayys....have a wonderful day!!