Monday, May 12, 2014

MIMM - Mother's Day Weekend!

Howdy, friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day! We did around these parts. :) 

I don't have much to ramble on about before I start MIMM (I know, right? Who am I?!), so let's hop to it!

Marvelous bi-annual trip to Whole Foods!!!!!!!

We hardly ever make it to Whole Foods, and I practically die of happiness every time we go. Like, my eyes fill with tears in the produce section, my heart starts racing in the packaged areas (so many clean ingredients aaaahhhh), and by the time we get around the hot food/salad bars, I'm nearly an emotional wreck. 

I'm just a bit dramatic. 

Here's a sneak peek of our haul:

Yes, we got kombucha! Mom and I each chose a flavor - Mystic Mango and Strawberry Serenity - and we're splitting each in half. They were not on sale and are 4 smackers a bottle, so we had to be frugal (plus, our cart was getting full at that point). Can't wait to try it!!

Oh Lord dat chocolate.....

There's a lot of produce and a few other treats that didn't make it up, but you'll be seeing them throughout the week! :) 

If you're freakishly observant, you'll notice that I didn't get any nut butter. This is because I have 6....yes, 6....unfinished nut butter containers. I had to peel myself away from the nut butters, and it was quite the struggle, especially because Nutzo was on sale. Gah. Next time. 

Marvelous is....painted nails!

I paint my nails once in a blue moon, and I lerrrv this color. Also, turquoise is my favorite at the moment as well!! (The color is "Turquoise and Caico" by Essie).

Marvelous is.....smoothie season!

I am so glad Robyn influenced me to start my mornings off with a green smoothie. It really does make a difference! I just feel better starting off my morning with a salad! ;) 

Marvelous is....this post!

This is a great post on lunch-packing tips! I bring my lunch every. single. day. #werd

Marvelous beautiful Mom and sister!

Seriously, where would I be without these lovely ladies in my life? They are a constant source of joy and happiness for me - they're my bffls. Yep. 

Marvelous is....the meal I cooked for Mama's Day!

Bourbon-marinated salmon that I baked at 400* for 25 minutes. Nope, I didn't marinate it, Whole Foods did. :) 

It was so yummy! 

Marvelous cream date with the whole family!!

My cone (I always always get a cake cone):

The top scoop was called "Graham Central Station" - and omg I want it for alwaaayyysss. It was caramel ice cream with graham cracker clusters (that were deliciously salty/sweet), and chocolate chunks. Vanilla on zee bottom! Always my fave.

Reibs got Oreo, Jonathan got Double Chocolate Chunk, Mom got Salted Caramel (divine), and Daddy got a sundae with Peanut Butter Cup. :) 'Twas a lovely treat.

Marvelous is....mah kitty.

For no reasons other than she's adorable, fluffy, and cuddly. 

Have a wonderful Monday!!!!!!!!


  1. Um excuse me. I just wrote a comment and I think it all got deleted. UGH. Hate when that happens!!!

    Anyway I just said that I am super jealous of Whole Foods trip because I still haven't EVER been there. And that I need to try that ice cream flavor. Love ya girly!!

    1. Ugh people have told me that before! I wonder if it's Blogger?

      Aagghh you need to go! We need to meet up and I shall take you. :D Love you too!

  2. Bringing lunch is where it's at! I have always brought my own lunch my whole life! When I was in 1st grade I would even bring Brussel Sprouts and everyone would look at me and say they smelled bad. But guess what, I DON'T CARE!
    And girl, I feel the same way about Whole Foods! I went there for the first time last summer in DC and then just a few weeks ago when I went back to DC. It was like Heaven every time! I can't wait to actually live on the same block as one next year!

    1. Same here! Haha oh, Brussel whole fam was annoyed that I stunk up the house when I made 'em.

      Aaahhh so lucky! You're gonna need to watch your budget, haha. ;) Have a wonderful day!

  3. Truth? I love whole foods like no other but I get totally overwhelmed with all the choices and usually walk out with only one or two things. It gets expensive and I think life is easier with less choices. I am so weird, I know.
    I love the color of your nails!! It's so pretty!! :) Just like YOU. I know nobody who rocks a pixi cut better. I love that red dress on you. Stunning ;)

    I'm off to read that lunch post right now! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Girl, the first few times I went I like freaked out. Same thing happened. But now that I've been a few times, I kinda know what to expect - I always challenge myself to get something different!

      And thank you so much, you beautiful girl! Love you!

  4. Oh man I would also go ALL OUT if I went on a biannual WF trip! The thing is, we probably go to Whole Foods once a year too, but we also have Trader Joe's, so we don't binge quite as much ;)
    Home-cooked salmon and ice cream date sounds like a fabulous day to me!!

    1. We have a Trader Joe's too, but it's 45 minutes away!!

  5. "Like, my eyes fill with tears in the produce section, my heart starts racing in the packaged areas (so many clean ingredients aaaahhhh), and by the time we get around the hot food/salad bars, I'm nearly an emotional wreck. " Dude I think you're my soulmate. Whole Foods is literally an emotional roller coaster for me. Being dramatic when it comes to Whole Foods is a necessity. Also, does beauty just run in your family or something? You, your mom, and your sister are gorgeous! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of all of your hair! (This is what I've come to, I'm telling you that great hair runs in your family, gosh I'm so weird.) We need to take Leigha to Whole Foods one day. Now THAT trip would be full of emotions!

    1. Bahaha we would be rolling on the ground with nut butter jars in our hands!!

      And thank you so much, girl!! Love you!