Sunday, May 4, 2014

50 Shades of Fit

Good morning chicas! Or good afternoon. Or good evening, depending on when you read this post. Am I like the only blogger who posts on Sundays?!

So just a few days ago, the amazingtastical Alison tagged me in the 50 Shades of Fit series, and I am so honored to be able to participate! It was started by Kaila, and I'm gonna borrow this excerpt that Alison used to sum up what the series is all about:

"There are truly (more than!) 50 shades of fit and as long as you're incorporating fitness into your life in a healthy way for the right reasons, then you're doing it right! Too often I see people ridiculing others for 'not lifting,' eating certain food groups (or not eating certain food groups!), and or for not being as physically capable as other are. But this is not fair!

Fitness doesn't have an end point. It isn't a mountain that you can get to the top of. It's a continuum that we'll all be on for the rest of our lives and no one place on it is better than any other. Instead of criticizing, judging, or ridiculing other based on where they are, we should be lifting each other up, encouraging each other, and congratulating each other for making choices to stay healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

So take a moment to appreciate where you are on your own fitness journey and try to remain positive and tolerant of where other people are on theirs. There's room for all of us in this world."

(I mean how awesome is that?! Check out more on her blog post)

Currently, what does "fit" mean in your life?

To me, "fit" means having the energy and strength to participate in active things that I enjoy. It means feeling my best physically, mentally, and emotionally. It means deciding to go on a hike and having an amazing time, or having the energy to play a game and run around with the kids I babysit, or having the strength for a yoga or weights routine. I no longer feel like being muscular/lean, being able to run 6 miles, or working out every single day means fit - yeah, I used to feel that way! And let me tell you, I am so glad my mindset has changed on that - so freeing.

When did you initially get more interested in incorporating health and fitness into your lifestyle?

I was always an active kid, and always the tomboy. I would have rather been running around outside than inside watching TV. My parents made sure to keep me participated in activities, and I played basketball, soccer, did gymnastics, went to day camps - you name it!

However, most of my health and fitness interest began after I began recovery from my ED. I was finally beginning to realize just how important fueling my body and keeping active was. Healthy living blogs also helped with that, I was (and am!) always so inspired by people with all different types of exercise interests and routines.

I think now more than ever I am truly interested in and understand health and fitness. Ever since I began my latest journey a couple of months ago, I am so much more aware of what health and fitness truly means to me. And I have never felt better!

What are some of your favorite ways to get moving?

Right now, walking and hiking! I feel that these two activities are seriously underrated, especially with all of the runners/Crossfitters/BodyPump/triathletes/marathoners/etc in the blog world (not that there is anything wrong with these, I love yooouu!). Taking a long walk or hike makes me just...happy. I also like yoga, but only in short increments - I'm trying to work my way up to longer sessions, but I just like the refreshing feeling after a short 15-minute stretch. :)

Also, pretty much anything else that I would consider a "daily activity" i.e. playing outside with kids that I babysit (which I've been doing a lot lately).

When I'm not keeping the exercise low-key like right now, I love to run, do circuits, and weight-train. I especially love working my arms for some reason!

In what ways do you inspire and encourage others to add some sort of fitness into their live + What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their fitness journey and exploring what works for them?

Wow, what a great couple of questions! I think the biggest way I try to inspire people is through my blogging. I try so hard to be genuine, and you all have seen my different phases throughout my own fitness journey. I also try to get my friends/family out on walks or hikes with me - my sis is my favorite walking buddy!

And my advice to someone just beginning their fitness journey: the number one thing is, do what you love. Don't feel obligated to do something just because you think it's "a better workout" or "everyone else does it." If you don't like to run, then don't force yourself to run! It's not fair to you. If you prefer taking long walks or swimming, then do that! And, if you do want to be more "fit," be patient! Change doesn't happen overnight.

Lastly, don't make your (main) goal to have a different body. Fitness is about feeling your best. It's about enjoying being active and doing what's good for your body. It's about having fun, being joyful, and feeling happy. Remember, when you feel your best, you look your best. :)

Now I get to tag some awesome peeps.....

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Also, feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments - I would love to see what you have to say!! Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. You wrote everything so perfectly! I am actually kind of jealous of the extent of your workouts right now. Track is making me somewhat sick of running fast everyday! Anyway, that pic of you and the girl you babysit is so cute! You are SO beautiful!!!

    1. Aww thanks chica! Just keep truckin', track will be over before you know it, and then you can rest as MUCH as you want!!!

  2. Thanks for tagging me love :) Kaila tagged me when she first posted this, haha I am still procrastinating on the post :P

    1. No problem!!! I can't wait to read what you write!! :)

  3. I agree with Leigha— You are so freakin' gorgeous and radiant!! I absolutely love your answers to all these questions, girl. Hiking is definitely underrated, and I wish I got to do it more often!
    Keep doing what you do, because I can feel your joy bursting through the computer screen :) (That was strangely poetic)

    1. Aahhhh thank you, dear! That means so much to me!

      And indeed, quite poetic. You should publish something. ;)

  4. First off, sorry I've been AWOL on your blog lately. I've got finals next week, so blogging has been placed on the back burner (and it's killing me!) You know how everyone tells pregnant women that they look like they're glowing and indescribably happy? In a non creepy way, you look like you're glowing to me. I can feel your warmth and happiness from Texas! Seriously, you, me Leigha, Sunnie, and Liz NEED to meet one day without a screen in the way. Hellooo endless hikes, fashion, and green smoothies!

    1. That comment though^^^ you're crazy, girl (in the awesomest way). I totally understand the business of finals, it's something I'm sort of stressing about, too!

      And that was totally non-creepy, haha!! I'm glad to spread the warmth, especially in somewhere as hot as Texas!! (HA! See what I did there?!) It makes me so happy!

      YES. YES and YES. Just yes. Gah we need to arrange a meet up some time!! Let's get on it! :))

  5. Awe! Thank you for the tag!! :D
    1.) I love this post and getting to learn more about your fitness routine etc anddd...
    2.) Those blue glasses are too cool. I need them in my life.
    Haha have a great day Jessica! :)

    1. No prob! And thankS Got 'em from Target!

      You too, girl!