Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Well hi!

It's been almost a week since we've talked - how have ya'll been?! I would blame my lack of blogging on work, buuutttt....that's only halfway true. Honestly, everything has just been so chill around these parts lately that I'm not sure what to chat about.

That being said, I miss writing (and you guys!!!) when I go too long without it, so linkups are my saving grace right now. #noshame

It's Thursday, therefore Thinking Out Loud, so leeezz gooooooo!!!!

You rock my socks, Amanda! Wishing you a good time at BLEND!

1. So this whole summer thing. Something's gotta be done. Monday was my first "official" day of summer, I had off work, we weren't going anywhere, and I was SO BORED. Like to tears. I'm currently formulating a post on my summer bucket list, so stay tuned!

2. I keep talking about how hungry I am, and how crazy my appetite has been. Friends, it's been like that for a few weeks now, and I'm kind of thinking it's here to stay?! It's amazing how your body will respond when you fuel it properly, so I'm just gonna embrace it!!

3. I've been thinking so. freaking. much. about my future lately. I've always been the type of person who likes to think about (if not stress about) and plan my future/career! I can be quite the introvert and homebody, but I am also so very independent and impatient, which a lot of people don't pick up on when they know me. I feel like I'm trying to grow up too fast sometimes, and I'm really, really trying to take it day by day and embrace the season of life that God has me in right now. Easier said than done, my friends!

4. Speaking of #3, I've also been obsessing ahem, looking at colleges lately. IT'S NOT FUN ANYMORE. Now that it's a reality, it is just plain stressful. Rah, I need to take a break.

5. Speaking of #3 and #4, my dream would be to go to school in NYC. MY DREAM PEOPLE! Ever since I went last summer, I have absolutely fallen in love. Again, I'm pretty independent, and I cannot see myself living in Georgia my entire life - I just don't think that's possible. I may sound like a 17 year old with teen angst, but for serious guys - I really really really freaking want to live there some day. IT WILL HAPPEN. I feel it.

Walking through Central Park...I will return, my love!!!!!

6. Okay, done with the deep stuff. Yesterday was my youth group's "summer kick-off" party, and it was luau themed! My neighbor went to Hawaii a few years ago, and she let Reibs and I borrow some traditional Hawaiian "dresses" (they were really long, soft pieces of fabric that you tie in any way you want to wear them - I have no idea what the name is!) so we could be tropical. :) And um, can I wear one every day?! So comfy.

7. I have an obsession with hot coffee still. The idea of iced coffee baffles me, although I get iced coffee for free at work, so that may change.

8. I've been watching tooooo much Netflix. I'm already on episode 6 of season 2 of Mad Men, and believe me, I've had many a night of staying up wayyyy too late. Also, season 3 of Sherlock is finally on!!!!! GAH!

9. Kim Possible was on this morning. Booyah.

10. I've been scouring good summer reading lists to curb my addiction to Netflix. Here's some of my faves:

via The Peanut Butter Lover (oh haaayyy Katherine!). First - she should be a book reviewer, and second, she has great taste! I mean who can go wrong with JK Rowling?!

via Modern Mrs. Darcy. Fare warning: these are gripping novels, and probably not the most, ahem, wholesome. But I totally want to give a few of them a try! 

via Kansas City Mamas. Okay, this is an excellent list, and I have actually read most of the books mentioned (including all in the picture above - yes, even The Stand)! And they list all 7 Harry Potter books, I mean come on. 

Aaanndd that's all, folks! I hope you have a fantabulous Thursday/summer/school day (if so, hang in there!)!! Love you guys!


  1. #3 is so me too! And #4 can suck and be do overwhelming, but believe me when I say it will all be worth it in the end! (That coming from a girl do indicisive I applied to 13 schools!)

    1. I have sooo many colleges on my mind right now, I don't even know what to think! Haha! It's nice to know that it will be worth it in the end - and I'm excited for your college experience! :D

  2. Finally someone else who likes to read!! I feel so alone at school because when we finish homework I'm the only one who reads my book instead of talking haha.I'm always thinking about the future too. But recently I've been trying to live in the moment and enjoy the little things! I went to NYC a few years ago and I want to go back soooo bad. Maybe we can plan a little something together;)
    My last day of school was today! Wahooooo! But I'm so bored haha. So. Bored.

    1. Girl, same here. After finals, I just sat at my desk reading while everyone else socialized. And I totally agree - enjoying the little things is SO important!

      We dooooooo need to plan something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I say if you want to go to school in new york do it! Its a little ridiculous how many schools there are in the new york area and just on the east coast itself. I'm in New Haven so i'm like an hour away from NY, which i'm super excited about!

  4. KIM POSSIBLE WHAAAT I MISSED THIS!! I loved that show.

    I'm so jealous of you and your summer boredom. I neeeeeeeeeeed summer. I still have 4 days. 3 are finals... but still!

    I got you on the college thing. Those thoughts float in my head all the time.

    Good thing I have books to distract me!! I can't wait to read the ones on Katherine's list. I just finished Reality Boy and I'm really not sure what I think of it. Read anything good lately?? :)

    1. I know, Disney XD only plays one episode a morning, but at last they play it!!!

      Hang in there, summer is coming!!

      I've never heard of Reality Boy, I'll have to check that out! Honestly, I haven't been reading much lately except for my school-assigned books (ex. The Great Gatsby, Into the Wild, The Scarlett Letter), but I do have a big list of books on my Amazon wish list!

  5. If you ever come to NYC, you have to promise to let me know so we can meet up!! (If I'm not in Boston that is…)
    And I know what it's like to want to plan EVERYTHING and anything for the future. Sometimes it's fun, but other times it's stressful. Definitely try to take each day as it comes. You'll be great, girl.
    Also, hooray for eating more! That's a fabulous feeling :)

    1. I will let you know!! I might go next summer, so maybe you'll be home visiting?!

      I totally agree. I'm trying my best to embrace the days - I've been getting better about it!