Friday, May 16, 2014

Five Things Friday

You guys, IT'S FRIDDAAAYY! No joke, I totally thought that yesterday was Friday and got myself all excited to stay up late, cuddled in my bed watching Sherlock.

Haaa let's be honest, I did that anyways.

Anywho, this week went by so. slowly. Sorry that I was kind of MIA, even in comments, I was just so super duper busy! And my APUSH test is out of the way, yaaayyy!

So I'm joining on Clare's Five Things Friday! Cuz who doesn't like link-ups, am I right?

Five things I ate:

Holy cow (hehe see what I did there?). This stuff is sooo good! 

My verdict on kombucha? Love it! Especially this flavor!

This dinner was da bomb dot com! Sweet potato fries, brown sugar balsamic pork loin, and sauteed baby broccoli. 

Favorite lunch: whole grain spelt wrap with avocado, turkey, spinach, and sundried tomatoes, trailmix, plums, and baby carrots.

Banana+almond butter+cinnamon+dark chocolate=heaven. Absolute heaven.

Five Workouts:

1. Walking
2. Walking
3. Walking
4. Walking
5. Walking

Five Pins:

Kitty Blouse!!!

I love this room, especially the bed!

Exercise is sooooo much more than losing weight/getting a "good body".


Five Things Making Me Happy:


Long walks in the warm sunshine. 

Finally getting through some episodes of Sherlock!

Melty almond butter on my bowls of oatmeal in the morning. 

Being done with the stress of APUSH. Now onto finals....

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!! Love you guys!


  1. Loving all that walking!!!! Once track is done I'm gonna become a walking star haha. Loving all those pins too! CAT shirt?! Need!!!

    1. Yaaayyy when track is over, you can walk on down to Georgia! ;) It's warm here!!!!!!!!

      And I know right?! Both of us could totally rock a cat shirt.

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Your pins are so cute!! I love that mug- I really want it!! :)

  3. Your 5 things you ate have made me want to move into your spare room and eat all your food. As for your 5 workouts, I totally feel you. Walking is da bomb dot com. And your pins! (I'm Pinterest obsessed, so this is right down my alley.) That life quote is my absolute favorite. I have it hanging in my room and as my alarm. It's the ultimate motivation! Have a lovely Sunday! xx

    1. Walking=love. You have a lovely Sunday too!