Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIAW: Day in the Life

Hiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what, I'm typing this super duper fast cuz I forgot to write it up yesterday! Yay me.

Speaking of yesterday, I've been wanting to do a "Day in the Life" post for a while now. So yesterday, I decided that I was finally going to do it. Only, I forgot to put it up, so I just converged it with a WIAW.

Cuz let's be honest, I mainly took pics of my food. :)

Thanks to the fantabulous Jenn!!

6:10 - alarm number one goes off, and I hit snooze

6:15 - alarm number two, and I leap out of bed. I wash/blowdry/straighten my hair

6:30 - Head to the kitchen and whip up a green smoothie:

6:45 - sit down with breakfast part two - this morning was Ezekial Cinnamon Raisin toast, coconut peanut butter, a banana, chia seeds, a drizzle of honey, and a side of coffee.

7:05ish-7:20 - get dressed/do makeup/get school stuff together

Note: I do not like to rush in the morning, so I get up earlier than probably necessary so I can have my "me time." Totally worth waking up 30 minutes earlier. 

7:30 - on the bus! And I took a nap, because we are the first picked up and my ride is at least 45 minutes long.

8:30 - first period, Spanish 4! We are in the midst of preparing for finals, so we were going over a review. Perfect tense, holla. 

9:30 - second period, Healthcare Science 3 (Nursing Essentials). The first half of class, we took a SLO, which is basically a standardized test for each subject to record "progress made". As if we don't test enough already. At about 10, I ate a vegan banana chocolate chip muffin, and some almonds. 

10:30 - third period, Honors American Lit. I think we just watched the Great Gatsby? But I read my book....*coughcough nerd*

11:30 - LUNCH! I was supah hungry for lunch today, and it hit the spot. Turkey, avocado, hummus, turkey, veggies on a whole wheat spelt wrap, apple slices, bell peppers, and trailmix. 

12:30 - fifth period, Advanced Algebra. Ew. EWwwwww. 

1:30 - Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology! Today, we were finishing up our dissection of a fetal pig - I will spare you squeamish ones of pictures. But I was the main person doing the cutting (holla), and I removed his heart and intestines, and observed his urinary system (yeah it was a male). So gross yet so fascinating.

2:30 - seventh period, AP US History. We are officially done learning, and watched The Aviator. I also ate some cantaloupe, partly because I was hungry, partly because I was feeling nauseous from the dissection (it smelled AWFUL).

3:30 - school's out! Ride le bus home.

4:30 - arrived home around 4, and now settling down for another snack - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar with some baby carrots. 

Here's where the monotony begins. I had no homework, and I have no extracurricular activities at the moment. Had I had homework or something else to do, it would be a bit different. 

4:30 - 5:30 - finish up the Once Upon a Time season finale. HOLY CRAP. I yelled the TV. I squealed like a little girl. I let my emotions take the wheel and cried like a little baby. Romance and heartbreak, I just can't handle it, people. 

5:30-6 - chorez.

6 - I was getting antsy and went out for a walk. I was out in the sunshine for about an hour and covered maybe 3-ish miles? It was lovely.

7:00 - got home and hydrated with the rest of this kombucha while making dinner. It may be my new favorite flavor! I still have two more in the fridge to try, but it's gonna be hard to compete!

7:30 - dinner! It was sooo easy to make (only took about 20 minutes). Tomato sauce with spinach and Applegate Farms Italian Chicken Sausage (so good!), with salad+balsamic dressing. YUM!

8-8:30 - clean up dishes, and the cleaned my room. I had to get it from looking like this:

to this:

8:30 - looong shower. I still smelled like formaldehyde! Nasty.

9 - This is generally when I "unplug" for the day. I got my new issue of Cooking Light and a Time devoted to Beatlemania to read. **fun fact: I love the Beatles!

This month's Cooking Light is such a good issue! I dog-eared like half the magazine. And let me tell you, the Beatles magazine is no light reading:

9:30 - Get up, make lunch for the next day, do some laundry

10:00 - gettin' hungry. Night time snack:

Sit down and watch 15 minutes of the Big Bang Theory with Mom, and head to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. 

10:30 - climb in bed and read my book for a good hour or more. If I like my book, I will read until my eyes are burning. I am currently reading Call the Midwife, and love it!! I've also got 12 books on my Amazon wish list.

11:30? - lights out!!

What an exciting life, I lead, eh? But I love it. 

Have a wonderful evening, darlings!


  1. So I really really like this post because now I know your whole life.. mwahahhaaha :) loving all the eats!! And DANG, you are loaded at school. My school doesn't even have AP/honors! But the seniors at school just dissected cats :( :( :(

    1. Hehehehe that was my plan all along!! And I know, right?! Luckily I love learning. :)

      A&P dissected cats last year, but my teacher didn't want to do them, thank the Lord. I would NOT have participated.

      Have an awesome day!!

  2. Haha, wow, you fit in a lot in your day! I wake up at 4am and I drive to school at 7...even though school doesn't start till 7:45 and it take same only 10 minutes to get there, haha! I love mornings though, I need all that time just to start my day right. Early riser...but I got to bed by 9 ;) Maybe I am just an old grandma!
    P.S. how is the Aviator? We are going to start watching that in AP psych tomorrow!

    1. Haha I try to!! And I love mornings too! You're not an old grandma at all (unless we both are!!)

      The Aviator is pretty good! I liked it, mainly because I love history and psychology. I don't think I'd watch it again though, haha.

      Have an awesome day girly!

  3. Love that wrap! I always get the turkey avocado wrap at this little coffee shop near school -- it's the best!

  4. Oh man that dinner looks so good. I haven't had a hearty bowl of pasta like that in a while!
    I haven't been able to watch tv in forever because of all things school-related + blogging, so the only thing I can keep up with is Food Network :D

    1. Thanks girl - and me either, I was definitely craving it!

      I surprisingly don't watch as much TV as I used to. I just go with what I like. I haven't turned on the Food Network in FOREVER because my family got tired of me watching it, haha! I need to catch up!

      Have an amazing evening!

  5. ALL THOSE APs!! How do you do it??? Wowza. Your class schedule sounds really interesting though :) I love your morning routine. Man, I wish I had the kind of initiative you have to get up early to have a peaceful morning. I take the half hour of sleep and always end up rushing.

    1. I actually only took one AP class, all of the others are Honors (which is basically the same thing, but I don't take an AP test at the end of the year).

      The more you wake up early, the more your body adjusts! I don't even have to set an alarm most of the time! :) Love ya chica!

  6. Sounds very similar to my life! All of the food looks great by the way!

    1. Thank you! And my life is pretty much the same every day - haha!

  7. LOVED this post!!! I am too nosy haha but Day in the Life posts are fabulous :) But ewwww advanced algebra and pig dissection all in one day?! I feel so bad!!

    1. Haha same here! And naahh it's not that bad. ;)

      Have a wonderful day!