Sunday, June 10, 2012

Playing in the Dirt

Hey, hey. How goes it?

It's Sunday, which means a day of relaxation. I got up at about 8:45, ate breakfast, and as I was staring into my completely empty closet stressing over what I would wear to church, the madre told me she had decided we weren't going today. I promptly turned off my light, and my bed swallowed me until 11:30. Such is life.

In an attempt to feel somewhat productive, I surface-cleaned la cocina for my mom, made up my bed, and put on some clothes. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of my day.

Anyhoo, since we knew there was a lot of rain coming today, last night the madre, J, and I got the rest of the garden planted!

Along with our squash, bell peppers, zucchini, cucs, and herbs, we added some tomatoes (we obviously love vine-ripe tomatoes, considering we have four other plants in the front yard), beans, peas, and blueberry bushes.

That Georgia clay is in need of some H2O. After we got all of the tomaters in their cozy new home, Jonathan packed them down into the ground. That was his favorite part.:) Boys.....

Jonathan and I each planted a blueberry bush. I'm not sure how long it will take for actual berries to start growing on them, but I think the bush has to be a good size. But for now, we'll just take care of the baby blueberries bushes ( I like alliteration.)

I had a couple of pictures of me with my a blueberry bush, but both were turned sideways, and I can't figure out how to rotate them. I'm smart.

After planting them, I decided we should name them. Jonathan came up with Ben, and I came up with Beth (both Bible names....grrr I can't stop this alliteration!), but mom didn't like Beth. She preferred Barry or Beatrice. Yeesh. Finally, J suggested Bill. Ben and Bill the blueberry bushes. Sounds good to me!

Finally, we fed the hangry plants and planted the peas and beans.

           <--green beans


The garden sure looks perdy now! I can't wait for all the yummy veggies to grow. I may sound a bit silly for this, but along with the human body (ha! I'm a dork.), gardens make me in awe of the crazy-awesomeness of God. How He can make something as small as a tiny seed flourish in abundance with fruits and vegetables and herbs? How He provides for us! We're certainly hoping that our garden will flourish in abundance. Haha.

Oh wow, before I forget, I thought I should show you what happens when you try to save your brother from getting run over by a car.

<--It's worse than the picture shows. Seriously.

Just kidding about the whole saving-your-brother-from-a-speeding-car thing. I tripped over my cat. The pesky critters.

I ended the day with an episode of LOST (Desmond reuiniting with Penny reduced me to a puddle of weeping, like a small, emotionally disturbed child).

Have a great Sunday!

What are your favorite summer fruits/veggies?

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