Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's Fun to Stay at the YMCA

It's two and half weeks into summer. How could this have happened?!

Time flies when you're having fun. *sniffle*

Totally off the topic of summer, I love weekly themed posts. For example, something like: Sunday Snapshots, Favorites Friday, Wordless Wednesday.....

So, in an attempt to join in on a weekly theme (and meet new blogs!), I have joined What I Ate Wednesday (aka WIAW)! Once a week, I post some meals, snackies, and desserts. I love taking pictures of food with my new camera - it's so colorful and diverse and fun!

Given my history, I wouldn't be surprised if some of my readers were a bit skeptical that I'm doing this. It is absolutely not about obsessing over food, restricting, or judging what I have/haven't eaten. (read more about it at Jen's website). As written in this post, one of the purposes of the blog is to keep me motivated and on track. I am learning how to create a healthy relationship with food. It's only one part of my life.

If I (or my parents/team) decide that this is to my detriment, then I most certainly will stop engaging in it. However, I don't believe that this is a big enough deal to affect me negatively.

(PS - there will be another theme day! :) Favorites Friday, perhaps?)

*Rant over.*

On to my day! I woke up at about 8:30 - and have pretty much been busy nonstop!

Banana Oatmeal with almonds and sunken peanuts, almond milk (we were out of cow juice!), a banana, and honey.

With a cup of Java, of course.

Mid-morning snack: Cinnamon-y apple slices with peanut butter. And *cough* anothercupofcoffee. Plus more PB.

After we finished our chores and mom got home from work, we packed up a picnic and mozied on over to the YMCA!

*cue theme song*

I was hangry by the time we got to the Y, so mom and J went straight to the pool area, while Reba and I brought our lunch down to the park and had a picnic.

Our lunches:
 Both turkey sammiches, but mine had hummus and cucumbers added, with cute little apples, and Wheat Thin crackers.            

Also had baby carrots. Getting that Vitamin A in. :)

When we were done, we packed up our picnic and took a walk around the park. It was fantastic, but then it got HOT. I love all the green!

I would say we walked almost a mile when we came upon our favorite part......the hills!! They look like giant worms emerging from the ground. We dubbed them "Wormy."

Finally made it back to the Y....we were two sweaty girls! (Note: I totally typed two sweaty "worms" on accident - oops!)

I was so hot and sweaty that I planned on jumping right into that glorious, luxuriously cool water when - I realized the bottom of my swimsuit was messed up! I thought I was going to cry.

I had to figure out a way to cool down, so I bought an overpriced water bottle from the vending machine, sat myself under the shade, and pulled out my ginormous book.

It worked. :) I read for an hour, and then ate my snack.

Afternoon snack:
Pomegranate Chobani and Vanilla Cherry Granola. So yummy.

We left at 5, and ate dinner around 6:20ish. I made the best rice evah.

Rice w/ tomatoes, garlic powder, EVOO, Tuscany season blend, chicken (the cut was SO flavorful - thighs I think?), green beans. Unpictured snackages of blackberries, whipped cream, and carrots & PB.

Glass of ice water 'cuz it looked pretty.

Upictured evening snack whilst watching What Not to Wear reruns:
Homemade Vanilla Milkshake (mom went to the store for malk)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Mmmm good turkey hummus sandwiches are the best!