Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Body Clock

Buenos dias! Another picture-less post, I'm afraid. :( The laptop isn't getting an Internet connection - and that's the only computer with an SD slot. Bummer.

It's been a lazy  productive morning. I've been so exhausted lately - I'm pretty sure that my body is trying to tell me that I need more sleep! I'm not normally lazy - I don't do much lounging around on the couch (at least I try not to). I kind of blame myself - too many late nights of LOST!

I suppose I could stop watching that at night.....or not.

I woke up feeling fine around 9 - this is the latest I normally allow myself to sleep - fixed my breakfast, and watched a little TV. I really thought that coffee would do the trick, but my eyelids began to feel like 100 pounds!!

Coming up with a new approach, I sat down and attempted to stretch. This was interuppted by Mr. Kitty and Ms. Kitty competing for my attention. While doing the butterfly stretch (where you cross your legs and put your knees to the ground - this increases flexibility in your hips), I had Ms. Kitty in my lap licking my arm, and Mr. Kitty rolling around on the ground behind me, meowing for me to pet him. I just put my arm back to balance on my hand, and this was seen as an invitation to play with my arm. My mini-yoga session ended with lots of scratches and bite marks.

And I had no more energy than before.

I finally just gave up and went back to sleep for two hours. Totally did the trick! Sometimes, you just have to go back to bed. I got up, promptly got my chores done, and ate my mid-morning snack. Sleeping makes you hangry!

Speaking on the subject of sleep (thrilling, isn't it?), does anyone else get really freaky dreams? I sure do! I've always gotten the weirdest dreams - when I was younger, I was very prone to nightmares. I couldn't watch Zathura or Pirates of the Carribean without getting the creeps. For the past few days, I've gotten really disturbing dreams (like, so disturbing that they freak me out during the day.) I keep thinking they're a sign or something and psyching myself out! I need a new way to wind down.

Lesson(s) learned:
Go to bed earlier
Watch less crime shows
Wind down earlier - without and electronic device
No more LOST (*sigh*) at 10 pm
Pray before bed!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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  1. Well, watching Lost right before bed might have something to do with creepy dreams! It is so hard to stop watching it, though. Lol.

    I have always had very vivid, crazy dreams too. Davis tells me that he doesn't dream. That seems so strange to me. Maybe he just doesn't remember it. ;)