Friday, June 15, 2012

Caffeine Defficiency

Aaannnddd we're out of coffee. Ugh.

I hate to admit it, but there are two bad habits that I have picked up over the past year. One - too much diet soda. Two - too much coffee.

15 is too young to be addicted to stimulants!!

Coffee is a pretty iffy drink anyways; some say there are health benefits from the actual drink, but the caffeine tends to have some icky side effects. Sometimes it keeps me up at night (and I'm a crappy sleeper anyways!), and I tend to not replace it with water - making me dehydrated. I normally stick to two cups a day, which doesn't seem like much (to me - hehe), but two cups a day every day - that adds up to 14 cups a week, and roughly 1,260 to 2,100 grams of caffeine a week!!!!! Plus, it makes my breath smell like death.

Another lesson learned: too much caffeine for my 15 year old frame.

I drank Tazo Chai tea instead - I think that "black tea" kind of tricked my brain into thinking it was the same as black coffee.

Me gusta Chai tea. When you steep it a long time, it has a spicy bite to it! Me like.

It's been pretty low-key around here lately. We went to the dermatologist yesterday (I will spare you pimple-talk), then headed straight to the Y.

It was ridiculously hot. So insanely hot. So naturally, only one pool was open. I'm a bit of a germaphobe (thank you, Healthcare Science class), and there was no way I was getting into the cleared out pools even after they opened again.

The Hermana and I walked around the park again while we were waiting.

We got our sweat on big time, and were wiped out only half way through. Luckily this little dude made us a little less miserable....

Oh, the things that entertain us......

Although we were a bit miserable walking around in the intense Georgia heat/humidity, it made the pool feel all the better!!

Goodness, I love swimming. It's fun to be a mermaid for a couple of hours. :)

It's funny - I feel like I'm an Olympic swimmer in that pool, but I'm sure that my technique would give Michael Phelps heart palpitations.

After swimming for about an hour, I relaxed out by the pool, pulled out my humongous book, and got mah tan going.

I had planned on reading my Driver's Ed book, but I left it on my bed!! Grrr...the one thing I don't want to forget, I forget.

And that pretty much wraps up what we did for the day!

*Post Update: Mom bought coffee! Bwa ha ha......*

Do you like coffee? If so, what is your favorite way to drink it?

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