Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm still here!

G'day mates!

Just popping in to let ya'll know that I'm still here and floating around the blog world. I've been working two jobs for the past two weeks, which has resulted in my lack of posting/having something to post about. You don't reeealllyy want to hear about scooping ice cream, mopping the floor, and assembling yogurt machines, do you? Unless you do...then I can arrange that.

Anywho, any of my little free time has been either spent outdoors in the sunshine or laying horizontally on the couch watching too many episodes of The Office at a time. Or sleeping.

Soooo I will be back soon, and forgive me if my posting is spotty this week! I doubt I'll have time for another post til next week, so until then, my loves.

Have a terrific Tuesday!!


  1. I've missed you in the blogging world, but I totally get the whole working life and not having things to post. On the plus side, you're making money! And that's pretty cool no matter what you say! I've also been laying around lots. I think that's what summer's for. My current mentality is that I kinda want to change the world, but I kinda want to go back to sleep. Sleep has been winning these past few days. I hope you have a busy yet relaxing week xx

  2. Girl, just enjoy your summer and don't sweat posting too often! It'll be time for school soon (eeeeeek), so soak up your relaxation time while you can!

  3. Miss you, but I totally understand! Now that I'm working (eeep) it's hard to decide between relaxing or blogging in my free time. Love ya!