Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Stuuuuuufffff


The title of this post is "Weekend Stu{uuuuufff}ff," but technically, a lot of stuff didn't happen on the actual weekend but work. So pretend with me that Thursday was the beginning of my weekend, k?

Also, the dateless summer days are starting to take their toll on my brain...for instance, I thought today was Friday. I sat down and literally started typing up a "Five Things Friday" post for you all - wouldn't that have been fun?

I'm lucid, I promise.

Anywho, when I work weekends, it makes my "What day of the week is it?" confusion even greater. So basically I can write about the "weekend" when it wasn't even the weekend at all.

That being said, earlier this week, the weather was freaking AMAZING.

The humidity was practically non-existent (a miracle of nature around these parts), so I tried to be outside as much as possible. Note the impending thunderstorms on the weather forecast above....

My friend and I spent the afternoon together at the pool, which was quite glorious. We just relaxed and basked in the sun and read and chit-chatted.

Also, a walk after I got home. I just couldn't resist!!!

The next morning, I had work again. Right before I left, I drank myself a Mango Green Smoothie. Not gonna lie, I felt totally hipster drinking it from a Starbucks cup. :)

Pretty much all last week, I was working. I worked every. single. day. Luckily a couple of my shifts were less than 3 hours long, so that made it a bit more bearable. And I like people/talking/cleaning soooo it wasn't that big of a deal.

On Thursday, I got a little bit of a break to babysit two amazing little boys!!!!!

The weather was still glorious, so I walked down to their house (they live down the street).

I need to start waking up earlier so I can walk around 9 - the temperature is wonderful at that time in the morning.

Because it was so nice out, I wanted to get the boys playing outside before it heated up. They were both wide awake (and hyper), so they were happy to get outside! I love kids.

My plan was to go outside, throw the football/play volleyball/walk around the street/etc, and of course the boy were okay with that.....for all of 5 seconds. They wanted to ride bikes.

How can you say no to that face??!!

This was my first bike ride of the summer  in a couple of years. No joke.

Um, trying to keep up with two energetic little boys riding on their bikes is no easy task. Quite frankly, I was humbled by how out of shape I felt. Only walking for 3 months will do that to ya...but I still enjoyed it and being out their with them! I just "let" them win all of the races...hehe

They were also obsessed with riding in the mud and grass.

Also, we found a little boxer puppy!!! The older boy was really attached to it, and insisted we try to find his owner. So we walked around the neighborhood, but with no luck. I sure hope the owners found him!!

This is probably my favorite picture...ever...

Now for randomness! After I was done with the boys, I took a stroll around the neighborhood in the still amazing weather. The sun was out, and I didn't even break a sweat! It was awesome.

So greeenn.

I'm having an obsession with these....omg. Target, you win. Always.

They literally taste like caramel corn. Sooooo addictive. Not exactly "health" food (the first two ingredients are sugar and butter...hehe), but so worth it, and totally part of a balanced diet. 

The next couple of days were all work. On both Saturday and Sunday, I worked two shifts - so the only (few) pics I have are of fooodd.

Dudes, this salad was so good. I picked it up from Target, packed my own whole wheat pita, got some dressing from work (the dressing in the salad is poppyseed, which I didn't want) and had a Cherry Coke Zero to treat myself.

Sunday's breakfast was French Toast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD. Why don't I have it more often?! I topped the toast with apple slices, cinnamon, peanut butter, honey, and some chia seed sprinkles. French Vanilla coffee on the side, so yummy.

And the last pic I can find, this granola bar I grabbed before leaving for work. I had a shift from 10-3:30, so I knew I would need a snack to get me through...and I was still famished by the time I ate a really late lunch.

Then I took a power nap (an hour-ish), went to work again at 7, and didn't get home til 11 last night...but of course, I had to watch an episode of The Office (my newest show, now that I've finished all the other on Netflix) before my night was complete. Oh yeah, and some dark chocolate. That makes my night complete.

SoOoOoOoOoO that's about it, darlings! I have some fun shtuff planned for the next couple of days (visiting colleges - whoop whoop!) and I am excited to hit the road for a couple of days! 

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!!!


  1. I loveee your bikini! And I'm so so jealous of your weather. I got back from vacation to 105F weather. It's seriously insane. I went running last night at 10 PM and it was 90F. This is pure craziness! What colleges are you visiting? I've spent hours today (literally) researching colleges, and I have no idea where I want to go! I still have a little bit of time (okay just a year), but ah! And hey, you can check biking off your summer bucket list! You're plowing right through it xx (By the way, I'm still extremely jealous of all your food from your Insta! I need to be your neighbor!)

    1. Thanks love! I got it from Target, and loovvee how modest it is. I do NOT do string bikinis. It would probably look totally adorbs on you. I think you could rock polka dots! :)

      Ew gross about the temps! It hasn't reached 90 here yet, but with the humidity, it might as well be 120 for all I care. And we aren't even in the hottest month yet!

      I am looking at the University of West Georgia, University of North Georgia, and Kennesaw State University for their nursing programs. We visited UWG and the nursing building is freaking amazing. The second floor is set up like a hospital wing! Unbelievable. (PS are you looking at TCU possibly? Bc that was a possibility for me earlier).

      UHM you can totally come visit me and I'll make you oatmeal and you can make me green smoothies, agreed? Also, I have peanut butter. Lots and lots of it. >:)

      Have a wonderfully fantabulous day, love!

  2. Hooray for bike riding! I must admit that I get slightly more winded doing things like that or even walking up the stairs now. Humbling indeed! But worth it :)
    And that looks like perfect weather. Enjoy your summer, girl!

    1. I know, the struggle it real. ;) But totally worth it!

      Thanks, love - hope you are enjoying your summer!!!