Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Bucket List {Update}

Heya, friends!

I keep forgetting to update ya'll on my Summer Bucket List, and I finally sat down to get it done.

Summer 2014 Bucket List

Go to the farmer's market (more than once!)

See at least 3 movies in the theater

Go kayaking

Make a fruit crumble

Go to Six Flags

Hike the Sope Trails

Go rock climbing (indoors)

Make s'mores

Go on a bike ride 

Make some crafts/paint/draw

Go shopping for a new bathing suit!!!!!

Read 3 2 books

Sooooo....obviously I have some catching up to do. But school doesn't start til August 18, so I still think it's pretty achievable! Also, I have 3 very ripe peaches in my kitchen, so perhaps a crumble is in my near future?? ;) ;)

See ya! 


  1. Girl, you still have plenty of time!! I am definitely hoping to see a peach crumble on here soon :) and seriously, go on a bike ride right this second!!

    1. I need to find a good biking trail, we don't have many (at least I don't think...) around where I live!

  2. Make me some cobbler with those peaches, please!! ;) I've been craving cobbler, so that's definitely on my bucket list.
    I definitely think you can knock off this whole list by the time school starts! Can't wait to see more of your summer adventures!

    1. Same here! I will definitely be recording my adventures. ;)

  3. Peach crumble? Yes? ;)

    What does your bathing suit look like? I am dreading that one on my list!! I need a suggestion of where to shop...

    You've done a pretty great job so far. You have plenty of time to cross off the rest of the list. I want to hear about kayaking!!

    1. My bathing suit is from Target! It's Navy blue with mint green polka dots - it's sooo cute and pretty modest for a two piece!

      AAHH I can't wait to go kayaking, I am definitely looking forward to that! :)

  4. Summer isn't even halfway over yet. You have loads of time! Also, Summer is totally for relaxing too, so no worries! And peach crumble? YES! My grandma made one the other day and I was in peachy heaven.

    1. Peach crumble = a necessary summer experience. I need to get on it!!!!