Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life Lately

Ohai. I guess you might be wondering where I've been.

Noooo I haven't been in an exotic location with no service, inoculating orphan children across the world, flying around on my private jet (can you tell I want to travel?), or even doing things for the greater good....unless you count scooping ice cream, which I would, in my opinion, totally count.

I've just been supah busy doing liiikkeee....nothing! You know?! The best kind of busy.

The truth is, I've just been trying to embrace my last summer before college (yikes!), therefore blogging is on the back-burner. I kind of expected this to happen, and even my bucket list hasn't been a priority. But I'm totally not stressing because 1) still love blogging, and 2) I'm not counting this summer as "over" until the season is over (aka not when school starts).

The weather is officially hot and HUMID. Perfect weather for jungle Georgia plant life!

 ....and creature life....

I am red-faced, sweaty, and thirsty after every time I go outside, no matter the time of day. Even when it's not terribly hot, the sticky humidity is just bleh.

My nights have been looking mainly like this:

 Although normally with food next to me. ;)

Speaking of which.....

If I already posted this pic, I apologize but...these. Just these.

Some other random tidbits:

Did you all see the supermoon on Saturday?! It was incredible!

This was the best pic I got....hah!

AP scores came out earlier this month and, ummmm....I did it.

I give credit (HA see what I did there?) to my love for history and the fact that I only took one AP course. My sis got two 4s, which is amazing!!!

I am still trucking through (HAHA see what I did again?!) Driver's Ed, and honestly, the most that comes out of it is selfies....duh.

I kid, I am over halfway done (!!), I renewed my permit today, but my road test isn't until September. Oh boy. 

OMG have you guys seen How to Train Your Dragon 2?!?!

OMG GUYS this has been my favorite movie ALL SUMMER. I'm serious, it was the cutest/best thing ever. GO SEE it and then send me a pet dragon, k? K.

And of course, some snipets of le food.

Breakfasts: despite the hot weather, it's been all about the oats.

Oats with a peach, banana slices, chia seeds, and peanut butter.

Overnight oats with greek yogurt, chia seeds, banana, blueberries, and peanut butter.

Oats with peaches, blueberries, chia seeds, and peanut butter. 

I <3 peach season!


Whole wheat wrap w/ turkey, avocado, and veggies, bell pepper slices, an apple, and trailmix.

After the DDS, Mom surprised me with a lunch at O'Charley's! I got the California Salad (spring greens, mandarin oranges, strawberries, dried cranberries, bleu cheese, grilled chicken, and balsamic dressing...basically like the one at my work, haha!). It was fantastic, and I demolished the entire plate.

My beautiful Mamacita!

The magical rolls.....aka omgtheonlyreasonwegotothatrestaurant.

Mom's Cajun Chicken Pasta!

Dinners: mostly quick meals before work...

Brown rice w/ sauteed chicken and zucchini, topped with Greek yogurt

Scrambled eggs w/ spinach sammich with a garden fresh tomato (!!)

The whole meal, complete with frozen grapes and almonds

Soooo as you can see, I haven't been doing a whole lot but spending time outside, relaxing, hanging with friends, work, and of course, eating. Just the way I like it. 


  1. Congrats on your AP score! I took 8 AP exams throughout high school (3 in 11th grade and 5 in 12th grade...I'm an overachiever!) and it literally killed me. I still get nightmares about AP Bio!

    Sounds like your summer is going really, really well :) And you're right, don't force yourself to do something you don't really want to do--life's too short!

    Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! <3

    1. Holy cow!!!! 8 AP exams??!!! I wouldn't.....I couldn't.....haha! You are certainly a smarty pants (and a trooper! yeesh).

      Thanks girl, I agree that life is too short to miss the little moments, which is really what summer is all about. Have a wonderful day!

  2. OH MY GOSH I just wrote you a novel comment and it got deleted :( :( :( UGH

    I guess I'll try to remember...
    First I miss your posts!! Please post more just so I can hear from you more often. lol. And you can send some warm weather up here. It's been in the 50's this whole week. All of your eats look so yummy. Seriously.
    So happy you're enjoying summer! I used to feel like I always had to be doing something "productive" so I was always stressed. Now I've let that go and it's AMAZING. Relaxing is great! ps I might get a job soon... will talk more when I know more :)

    1. Okay, it must just be Blogger because I have NO idea why it does that!!! Meh. I am not tech savvy at all. Sorry about that!

      Ugh, I would LOVE to send you this weather...if you're okay with being a sweaty, frizzy mess every time you step outside. Hehe.

      And thanks girl! Relaxing is fantastic. Relax while you can!!!!!!!! (And good luck looking for a job!).

      Love you too, lady! <3

  3. I am so glad you are enjoying your summer!! You should be!! :)

    Get it girl with that AP score! ;) 5s for the win! I was rather surprised when I got a 4 in Psych and a 5 in Language! Woo!

    You must live in the prettiest place. I love those flowers. We, um, do not have that kind of beauty in my town!! Such bright colors!! I'm in love!

    Peach season is the best season. Period, end of story. I need a peach nowwwwww!

    Keep having fun and I can't wait to hear about more summer adventures ;)

    1. WOW a 4 and 5?! Fantastic! I heard Lang was a more difficult one, so you go girl!

      I always tease about how the climate here is temperamental (seriously, you never know the weather you're gonna get....), but I'll admit...it is SO beautiful. I'm sure where you live is beautiful in its own way (if that's not too lame to say - lol!).


      Have a wonderful day girly!!!! <3

  4. Doing nothing summers = best summers. Congrats on those superior AP scores!! AP US >>> AP Euro.
    What the heck with those Georgia creatures?! I always say that when you post pictures of the critters, but I just can't get over how large and scary they are.
    Yay for peach season!! I haven't had one in a couple of weeks, so I better get on that! I need to make a peach cobbler this summer. NEED.
    Have a wonderful rest of the summer, girl! ♥

    1. Thanks, love! What is AP Euro? Like European history? Haha!! I don't think we have that at my school!

      I KNOW RIGHT?! We either live in the rainforest, or during prehistoric times judging by the size of the bugs that crawl around everywhere...*shudder*. The moths are freaking mammoth-sized, too (that's fun to have smack into your face....not).

      Giiirrrllll go get yoself some peaches, pronto. I have yet to make a peach cobbler, but we are going to the market on Saturday, so soooonnn. It shall be soon. I'll send ya some! ;)

      You have a wonderful summer too, chica! <3

  5. Um I just wrote a major blog apology because I haven't been on in AGES! I've been off doing loads of traveling, but I've had my moments of sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. And let me tell you, doing nothing is the bomb.com. Dude, scooping ice cream IS for the greater good. Never put that down. You make people so happy during the summer and keep them cool in this beastly heat! CONGRATS on your AP score! I was shocked that I got 5's and 4's in English and US History. Those were the absolute worst! Also, your food posts have been off da charts lately. Like seriously. I'm insta-obsessed with you. (Is that even a word or a thing? Please accept my apology for how awful I am at making up words!) I can't believe this is our last summer before college. Whattt? Where did time go? Do you have any idea where you want to go to school? xx

    1. Dude, your apology was fantastic, and totally not necessary. Hehe. I sure have missed you, though!

      I LOVE doing nothing! Between having two jobs and *attempting* to complete driving stuff (still procrastinating...), I take all the time I can to relax.

      I also love scooping ice cream for people, especially little kids! They are so super excited when they get a flavor they like, and even MORE excited when they get 2 scoops, or a topping. It's the best. Ice cream is joy.

      AWESOME AP scores, girl!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!!!!!!

      Well, I aim to please on Instagram. ;) Please myself, that is. Hehe. Food is just so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I know. Like, omg. And I do! We are actually visiting this week, and I'll blog about it later. :) Have a lovely week, chica!