Wednesday, July 23, 2014

College Visit #1

Hello muffins! How is your Wednesday going? Or should I say....

Hump DAAAAYYY??!??!

Remember when everyone was obsessed with that commercial? I still am. I love camels. 


So likkeee I'm getting antsy. Really antsy. Yeesh. I have two jobs (oh lawd), work two shifts some days, go out with friends (ha ha), go to church, etc. and yet I'm still antsy. (In fact, as you read this, I'm working either my first or second job).

You see, I'm the really nerdy obnoxious kid who loves school. And I. Can't. Wait. For. School. To. Start.


Sppeaking of school, this past couple of days, we visited one of the top colleges on my list! The University of West Georgia. I'll admit, I was stupidly excited to go visit so I could at least get out of the area I live in for more than a couple hours. 

I woke up and forgot to take a picture of my breakfast cuz I'm a doofus sometimes. Meep. I had oatmeal, so you weren't missing anything spectacular. OhwhoamIkiddingoatmealisfantabulous.

We hopped in the car around 4, and I got stuck in the back {middle} seat....per usual....


Also, I'm obsessed with my new shirt. It has SUPERHEROES all over it I mean come on. Purchased at Kohls.

On the road weeeee......

....played Catchphrase, aka the best game ever. You get a word on the screen, and it's pretty much charades, but using words instead of movements. So. Fun.

El snackage!

Hotel arrival selfie!

Looking for somewhere to eat selfie....

We ended up eating at Chic-fil-a, and I think I'm done there for a long while. It's got pretty good options for a fast-food chain, and I love their grilled chicken wraps. Obviously, I was halfway done before I remembered to snap a pic. 

We crashed on the beds and watched the next Masterchef episode...

And treated ourselves to Ice Dreams!! These are seriously the best things ever, and I haven't had one in years. I devoured the whole thing. They kind of taste like soft, frozen, vanilla whipped cream to me...

Reibs will not appreciate this picture...haha.

The info session began at 9, but we wanted to be there early, so we woke up around 7 to get ready and eat breakfast. I had oatmeal, le duh. The hotel had really nice options!

This breakfast kept me full for a good 3 hours, and was quite tasty!

The tour began at 10 (after the info session). I'll spare you the details, but show some pics I got of the campus! Which is beautiful, by the way.

They have a HUGE rock climbing wall, and a really, really nice fitness center.

 The campus was probably the best part. It's sooo beautiful, and because it's a fairly small campus, everything is within walking distance of each other. No chance of getting lost!


I'll admit that my pics of the campus just does not do it justice. When/if I go back to visit, I'll be sure to make more time to get better views!

Random people pictures....

I didn't mention yet that my grandparents came with us. I love them and I think they had a good time walking around!

After the tour, we ate at a Mexican restaurant called "The Lazy Donkey." My Mom used to eat there when she was in college (yep, she is a UWG alumnus) may laugh at the name. I did. 

Two generations of beauty!

I got the chicken fajitas with corn tortillas that were just okay. It's the nostalgia that was the best part. Anndd you guys, the picture below is a half order. And I ate half of the half order. Haha!

Some last family pics.....

I am also highly amused by this Snapchat my sis put on her story...and we do not hate her! I guess she felt left out. ;) Drama queen indeed.

So, my review of the college? Pretty much nothing negative to say, honestly! From what I can tell, here are my pros:

Campus life:
-Far enough for independence/dorm living, close enough to go home for the weekend
-Brand new renovations in the dorms
-Beautiful, nicely-sized campus
-Lots of trails around
-Good food court and dining room options
-Reasonable price range
-Target/Publix/Kroger nearby (mwahaha)

-Brand-spanking-new nursing building with state of the art technology. The second floor is a replica of a hospital wing!
-All pre-req class building are in the same "square"
-A very nice library with 3 floors, computers, and study rooms
-All buildings within walking distance
-Achievable admissions requirements
-Scholarships available

We didn't get a chance to get an "in-depth" look at everything, but hopefully we will be going back in a few months for a better look, especially at the nursing program/building. Whoop whoop!


  1. I'm actually really embarrassed, but I love school too. Maybe it's the structure or something, but I don't know. I've really enjoyed this summer, so maybe I'm becoming a changed person, but I can totally relate to the antsyness. Can you believe it's time to look at college? I still feel like I'm 12 and pretending to be a grown up. West Georgia is so pretty! I drove through it once, but it was a few years ago, so I wasn't even thinking about maybe going to college there. xx

    1. I agree - the structure and brain-stimulation is what I like. But I love summer as well (and days off!!!!).

      I know!!!! I go back and forth between being totally excited and totally nervous. I am so ready yet so apprehensive! Haha!

      Ooh you drove through West Georgia? Maybe you could think about maybe going there...mwahaha. ;) ;)

  2. UWG looks awesome!! Glad you had lots of fun :) At basketball camp we had to eat hotel breakfast and THEY DIDN'T HAVE BANANAS. Like seriously?!?! Is that even legal. ps I think I need your snapchat, like pronto. ;)

    1. Duuuude what? This hotel had so many that I had one with breakfast and then took 2 for later in the day....just in case. ;)

      Oh man you risk everything you know about my actual appearance if entering the world of my Snapchat.....snapchats don't lie, haha!