Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've gotten a bit of a late start, because with school work and the bro's birthday celebration, I lost track of time!! But hey, better late than never, right?

Let's hop right to it! (Thanks Jenn!)


This is a somewhat crumbled oatmeal pancake, apple pie style. (Just Kath's recipe w/ 
applesauce). De-lic-ious.

On-the-go one morning: plain greek yogurt + honey + banana, topped w/ blueberries, Sunbutter, and granolaaaaa. Eaten app. 4 minutes - gotta love those 7:30 study-sessions. 


This is what your pic looks like when you remember you have no lunch pics yet! - tuna salad, toasted english muffin w/ smashed avocado on the left slice -( just being thorough!), carrots+peppers, and an apple w/ a chunk sliced out of it and in mah belly!


The musical fruit in soup form that I amped up with sauteed onions, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and a dollop of greek yogurt. On the side was an unpictured homemade dinner roll that was divine. 


For realz, these muffins are the meaning of life.

This bar had an impressive ingredient list (dried raspberries, soynuts, gluten-free rolled oats, almonds, coconut, almond butter, among other things...) but I thought it tasted gross! So disappointing - not sure if it was the soy protein isolate or just that particular flavor, but it was just wonky-tasting in my mouth. 

Best smoothie eveerrr - it tasted like a Frosty! The trick is almond milk and ripe banana, which add some natural sweetness, a blob of peanut butter, and just a touch of cacao so you get that subtle yet distinct chocolate flavor. MMMM.

Happy 8th 11th birthday to the best little brother!


  1. Awe, happy birthday to your little brother =)

  2. That smoothie looks amazinnnggg. Happy bday to your bro!