Thursday, April 11, 2013

Springtime Love

Woo, after writing my last post, I'm feeling much better!!

To jumpstart my enthusiasm for trust, I began participating in the She Reads Truth devotional. And of course this is the topic they've been discussing:
Ah, the way God works. :)
I (plus the bro and sis) am currently on spring break, and there is plenty of fantastic weather and free time.
On Monday I got a baking urge, and I had the right ingredients for, duh, muffins. Ha.

Whilst baking, the weather was so great that I just opened up some windows to let the sweet, warm breeze into the house.
The kit-kats quite enjoy the sunshine - it gives them even more reason to lounge around.

One of my favorite transitions into spring besides the temps is the change in colors! I am loving these cherry blossoms and bright nail colors!

I have been definitely been getting my outside time and soaking in some sun - walks, as always. One included breaking in my new kicks shoes that I loooovveee.
Yesterday I went in the heat of the day (around 3-ish), but I loved working up a nice sweat. My walking paces are getting faster, I think I've shaved off around 10+ minutes of my normal route.
The new bangs have not made an appearance this week. My go-to hair has been the side braid with an awkward pinned-back-poof-thingy - lazy hair at its best!
I've also had some good eats, including yesterday's dinner.....
Grilled shrimp w/ Cajun finishing butter, roll, and a big 'ole salad.
....eaten on the porch with this awesome kiddo:
Pizza face!
Have an awesome day!

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