Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts


Sorry I've been MIA with comments and posts this week - getting back to school has been crazier than I thought it would be. Crazy as in I am pooped.

Good thing I can do Thursday Thoughts because my brain is pretty much a jumble of information and stress at the moment. Whew. I can get through this.

Gracias Amanda!

1. I brag about the fact that I'm hardly ever sick, but right now I feel icky. I'm taking a second rest day in a row, and with my schedule this weekend, it will probably be Sunday before I get another legit workout in! I guess that's life, folks.

2. What do you think about the new nutrition label proposal? I don't buy it, but of course, I don't buy a lot of label crap any more. They're apparently focusing more on calories, sugar, and fat - maybe if the food industry focused on real ingredients, promoting fruits and veggies, etc, they wouldn't have to "combat obesity." So yeah there's my two cents. (PS I know it can be more complex than that, but I'm just generally speaking).

3. In case you haven't been able to tell, it's NEDA Week! I opted not to write any recovery-related posts because a.) I just did, and b.) I knew a lot of other bloggers would be sharing their experiences and wisdom! But I did get my school involved by making posters, flyers, and little pencils that I had my class tape positive aspirations onto. D'awww.

4. Speaking of thought #1, I've been taking my workouts a little easier this week and last week. I just haven't been feeling 100%, and I think the cold is to blame. On the bright side, remember those faster paces I mentioned? Uh, not a fluke! I took a run when it was 60* average pace was 9:55, and my second and third miles were negative splits. What the?! I was really proud of myself! Hopefully this will keep up!

5. omgomgomgomgomg The Walking Dead and Grey's Anatomy have started, Being Human was CANCELLED, I've finished FRIENDS, and gah I watch way too much television.

6. I have almost completed Operation: Eat All My Nutbutters so I can buy MORE Fancy Shmancy Nut Butters. I see overnight oats in my future!

7. Okay do you guys feel really accomplished when you eat a whole sammich? (Sammich=big sandwich). I was at Which Wich the other day, and I managed to complete my sandwich without any problem while my friend had to pack her other half away. Obviously, I was listening to my body and not just stuffing my face, but I was like, "Dang girl! You just finished that awesome sammich!" Yup. I felt accomplished.

8. I get to dissect a heart tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know some might cringe at the thought of this, but gah I find it so fascinating and awesome. The heart is such a beautiful, important, intricate, and complex part of God's creation of the human body.

Wow I'm a dork.

9. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and this weekend!! Mom's birthday is tomorrow, and my sister and I are planning a little party for her, and this weekend, I am 1) getting my hair trimmed finally, 2) going to see Hairspray at a high school with one of my favoritest friends!

10. Well..that's all I have for today! Have an awesome Thursday!!


  1. That's so awesome that you got your school involved in NEDA week :) I wish I knew about it back when I was in school, but I'm a few years late to the party...

    And I hope you feel better soon, girlie! This winter has been rough in terms of colds and flus -- everyone seems to be complaining of lingering symptoms that just won't ease up.

    1. Thanks girl! I'm really glad I was able to get it involved too, and I am reaalllyy hoping this cold lets up!

      Have great day!

  2. UGH I got my first cold in years a few weeks ago! It sucked so bad! So jealous you went to which wich. I've always wanted to go there!! I dissected a heart last year. It didn't bother me at all! But in the senior science class they dissect a cat. I'm NOT a fan of that!!

    1. Bleh I guess the Snowpocalypse just messes with the immune system!
      Which Wich is amaaziing. I always get turkey with avocado, mmm.
      You dissected a heart last year?! Lucky!! And anatomy usually dissects cats, but this year, I'm pretty sure we're digesting a suckling pig....omg.

      Have an awesome day!

  3. Oh no! I hope you feel better very soon, Jess! But that's awesome that your speed is picking up consistently AND that you finished that "sammich!" Love it.
    I also think it's so wonderful that you brought NEDA to your school! I'm sure it reached out to a bunch of many people, whether they had/have an eating disorder or not. :)
    The weirdest thing I've dissected was a cow's eyeball. It was cool, but it just smelled...

    1. Thanks girl!! Yes, the speeds and sammich completion were nice accomplishments.
      I sure hope that the posters and signs reached at least some people! It was gratifying to see them hanging up and being able to get HOSA involved.
      Ooohh yeah we dissected an eyeball too! I think that the hearts smelled way worse than the eyeball though - yuck.
      Have an amazing day!