Friday, February 21, 2014



I'm really delirious because I stayed up SUPER late (read: 1 in the morning...that is crazy late for me, okay?!) so you might get a constructive post or you might just get a bunch of rambling. I'm already being kind of obnoxious so we'll see how this goes.

In my defense I did post a constructive, thought out post yesterday which doesn't happen very often.

I like to go with the floooowww.

Right. Maybe before you leave/think I'm weird/annoying, I'll number my random thoughts to make it seem like I understand organized writing. (Plus my mom is a college English professor and if she reads this and sees any run-ons or lack of three point thesis or comma splices I'll be in trouble).

1. Cherry M&Ms are nasty in my opinion. The other day, my sister did that thing where you close your eyes, and someone puts a bite of something into your mouth as a surprise (wow there's no way to describe that without sounding sketchy). I was happy because I knew it was an M&M, but appalled at the flavor. No joke.

2. I've probably entered like 20 giveaways and STILL haven't won one. I don't blame the bloggers at all because I know there's a random generator thingy but come on!!! This is a common theme throughout my life - I never won at bingo, or class prizes (those were so unfair from the perspective of someone who never got anything), fundraisers, etc. All I ever wanted in elementary school was to ride on the Fur Bus to Stevie B's!!!

Interior of a Fur Bus, aka the coolest thing ever to my 3rd-grade self

3. Haircut. Need. Growing-out pixie cuts are not cute, especially when the owner has naturally curly hair!!!!


4. AAAHHHH I just filled out my application for joint enrollment! I'm so freakin excited and nervous at the same time! (Fun fact: I'm actually joint-enrolling at the college my mom teaches at....oh Lord...)

5. I have 4 containers of nut butter to get through. Mom said I'm not allowed to get any more until I eat them all...uh, challenge accepted!

6. Remember that blog change that I mentioned? Yeah, it's happening! I got some advice from Leigha, browsed through Wordpress, and have decided that I will be switching, and hopefully becoming self-hosted. Don't expect it any time too soon, though - I am not tech-savvy and will need some time to get it all figured out. But it's happenin'!

7. On my warm-up run yesterday (I always warm-up before I do a circuit workout), I ran a sub-10 minute mile. I know, I should be an Olympic sprinter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But in all seriousness, this was friggin accomplishment for me. Ever since my burnout (oh the memories), I have been keeping about a 10:30 pace. But I have noticed that my paces are getting a little faster - d'omg so excitiiiinnnggggg.

8. I really really really like really want to make these brownies! But my family believes it to be an unholy combination of disgustingness to make bean brownies. I can't say I blame 'em - I mean, how can you explain the combo of black beans and chocolate to an 11-year old Oreo-eater?! (not that there's anything wrong with Oreos, I'm just giving some perspective).

My game plan is to sneak a can of black beans into the grocery cart, make them while I'm the only one in the kitchen, bake them in a muffin tin to seem more appealing (who can resist muffins?!), and furthermore, explain that they are "flourless brownies" until I am sure they are mentally prepared to hear "black bean brownies." Which may be never.

9. I'm a really big science and nutrition nerd, so I love reading nutrition articles. However, nutrition (and anything in the medical field...yes, nutrition is medical) is SUCH a huge topic with so many studies, information, controversy, and opinions that I get really confused sometimes! I came across Cassie's blog a while back and absolutely love it, so I had to share. Namely these three articles that focus on simplified, balanced eating (PFC!), and this article focusing on the pointlessness of calorie counting. All articles are fact, science, and research-based (along with a few of her opinions, but what article doesn't have some opinion?). Browse around, you might discover some new info!

That's all I have for ya today, friends! Enjoy your day, it's almost the weekeeennnndd!! (<--comma splice)


  1. I WANT ALL YOUR NUT BUTTER. Seriously. I've been DYING to try the Wild Friends! ooooh - I don't think I could stay up until one. I would have such a bad day the next day! And I want to know how those black bean brownies go. I've heard so much about them! So happy you're going to do some blog changes! (not that your blog is bad right now!!) I hope you have a super awesome-fantastic-enjoyable weekend!

    1. Giirrrlll if you could help me polish it off, I would totally let you! Darn states that exist between us!! I ordered Wild Friends off of Amazon and it is so worth it. Peanut Honey Pretzel is next on my list!
      I'm so excited about my blog changes - I love the way you've been revamping yours, too! So cute.
      You too girl!!

  2. Ahhhh I just typed a long comment and it disappeared!
    There are at LEAST 3 jars of nut/seed butter in our fridge at all times. They go pretty quickly though, and I'm the only one who really eats them. Fine with me.
    I'm so excited for you and your faster paces and upcoming blog changes! As much as I want to switch to self-hosted, I'm gonna see how college + blogging pans out before I take that step. But wahoo for you!!
    I've yet to venture into the land of bean desserts (besides Asian desserts that are meant to have beans in them), but let us know if you try those brownies!

    1. Really?? Leigha said that happened to her yesterday - maybe it's something with Blogger??
      Same here! I'm actually pretty territorial of my nutbutter, soooo my family doesn't get much of a chance to try it. :)
      Thanks girl, the faster paces are definitely encouraging! And I'm still thinking about whether I want to be self-hosted or not (same reasons as you).
      Oohh what Asian dessert has beans in it?! I have never heard of that! And I will definitely get back to you about the brownies!

  3. I can't wait to see all your blog changes!! That sounds exciting. (:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing easy run paces go down. I feel like I always plateau with my paces and it's very frustrating. Under 10:00 makes me feel totally accomplished. Great job ms. Speedy! (;

    I am reading the articles now. I am such a nerd. #noshame. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ahh me too! I am so excited about the paces going down, it makes me feel like the rest (running-wise) and strength training is paying off. I think we all plateau with paces at a certain point - during cross country, I plateaued right around 8:00/mile which was frustrating. But every body is different and as long as you're working/fueling, what can ya do?

      Yayyy have fun with the articles! No problemo!