Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Miles #2

Good morning! We're actually back at school today, as the snow has officially melted. :( Now the temps are in the 50s and I'm cautiously hopeful that it will start warming up a bit.

I really like this new linkup! I enjoy rounding up my fitness for the week, and it gives me an idea of what I enjoy or need to change. Workout planning has been a fun part of my Sundays lately. 

I know I'm probably driving. you. guys. CRAZY. with all of my workout schedule shenanigans, but I really did not expect to have an injury (if you can even call it that). I had planned on being this super awesome distance runner all during the off-season, but this is a much needed change. I can handle up to about 20 minutes of running before my foot starts feeling wonky. I'm also cautiously hopeful that the new running shoes I bought will relieve some of the pain, but for now, spin bike, circuits, and strength are my most favoritest. I also really freaking need a gym membership which is hopefully in the foreseeable future. 

This week's workouts:

Tuesday: 45 Minute Spin Bike Workout (I got about 60 mins w/ warmup and cooldown)

Wednesday: 20 minutes spin bike (light), arms

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Mega Circuit Workout w/ a 10 min treadmill warm up/cool down

Saturday: Warm up, cardio/ab circuit, cool down, arms

Sunday: 60 min stationary bike

I didn't expect to rest on Thursday, as my legs were much less sore from Monday's circuit and I took it very easy on Wednesday, but it just happened. Well, what actually happened is I took a nap (yes I took a nap) and then never got the motivation to exercise after that - ha. 

I also realized that I was a little cardio-heavy, and that my body probably needed a break even though my mind felt like I didn't. 

As for planning, I don't plan my exact workouts on Sunday, but I do try to alternate more cardio-focused (ex: spinning) and strength-focused (ex. arms) so that my body gets a different sort of challenge every day, while the muscles I worked before get a chance to recover. I'm really trying to go by these two philosophies:

1. Quality, not quantity.
2. Exercise for my enjoyment, making me feel good, and increasing fitness, not burning calories.

(Note: This is not saying that I obsess over the amount of calories I burn, I certainly do not, but I'm just saying that maybe when I do a shorter circuit, I feel like it's less of a workout, than one that may have incorporated more cardio. Catch my drift?)

(Also note: I tend to isolate my arms more for strength, because a lot of the circuits involve heavy usage of abs and leg muscles.)

Sooo now you basically know my entire fitness routine! 

Question: What do you consider a rest day? Do you active rest (aka a walk or something light) or do you full on rest (just every day routine..including laying around). I think I do a little bit of both!


  1. Looks like a great week of workouts! I definitely agree 100% with "quality not quantity" and working out for enjoyment and fitness, not burning calories.
    My rest days can involve nothing at all, a light dance class, yoga/pilates, or random spurts of bodyweight exercises throughout the day.

    1. It was!! My eyes were actual opened to that mindset after I read one of your Friday linkups!! :D
      I'm pretty much the same with rest days, minus the dance class. ;) Maybe I should try that sometime! Have a great day!

  2. I don't know the last time I took a 100% rest day - I always have to do some light yoga or something! We are the total opposite - most of my workouts are runs, not strength! I want to change that though!

    1. Girl. 100% rest days are the bomb dot com (esp. when they involve cookies....;)). You could try subbing some of your runs with a cardio circuit or add in a strength workout afterwards!
      I've actually felt way better the past couple of weeks without running. I have a ton of energy and feel really good about my workouts! :) Whatever works I guess! :) Have an awesome day!