Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Miles #3


Yay Monday Miles numero tres! Wow I am muy into speaking español ahora. I blame all the Mexican food I've been eating. ¡Qué delisioso!

So who watches the Olympics? My family is really into the Olympics, and we always watch when they come on!! Sometimes I think that the Olympics are somewhat contradictory. One the one hand, they promote healthy living, the power of motivation, are soooooo inspiring, and not to mention make me wanna get out there and workworkwork work my booty off. Oh ya and the cute snowboarders.

On the other hand, they make me want to sit around and watch those cute snowboarders all day rather than move.

The struggle!

Last Week's Workouts:

Monday: 15 min treadmill, 15 min arms, 15 min treadmill, 10 min abs, 5 min cool down

Tuesday: 10 min treadmill, Full Body Workout, 15 min treadmill

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 60 minutes spin bike (intervals), 20 minute arms, 10 min abs

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 2 mile run (warm up pace), Mega Circuit Workout, Cool Down

Sunday: 30 min spin bike (easy), Arms and Abs

Woo, I needed those two rest days. I'm trying to be more strategic about alternating hard cardio/light cardio, and I think I did a better job this week. Monday was easy-paced on the treadmill, then Tuesday hard, Wednesday rest, Thursday hard, Friday get the picture.

I did run on Sunday! More of a jog - I could definitely tell I hadn't run in 3 weeks, but it still felt good, ya know? I'm still loving my circuit and strength workouts, though - I don't see that changing any time soon. They're so much more fun than steady cardio for long periods of time, although there's nothing quite like zoning out on a beaauuttiful run. Maybe when the weather warms up!

Peace out girl scouts!


  1. Loving those full body workouts! I should do those ;)

    1. Me too girl!! I was gonna put the links up but I forgot!! Try some out, definitely! :)) Have a great day!