Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIAW: {An Actual} Snow Day

Ahhhhhhh, the snow.

Look at it aaaaaalllllll

I think it's been two or three years since it's snowed like this in Georgia!!! These pics are from when it had only been snowing a few hours - it continued until early evening and we got a good 2 inches! I can't wait to get out there before it melts. :(

Here's a peek at my eats for the past few days!!! Breakfasts have gotten a little more adventurous, as my lunches/dinners are still same-old-same-old 15 minutes or less. Eh what can ya do.


You guys, this breakfast. So. Freaking. Good. It's inspired by Ashley's buckwheat bakes, but alas, I have no buckwheat. So I improvised and made my own version! I want to make one without chia seeds because I'm stingy with them.....

Chai Spiced Pear Steel Cut Egg White Oats (now that's a mouthful!!!), Sunbutter, coffee.

Easy Fluffy Vegan Pancakes that are the bomb dot com, diced apples, Sunbutter, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

A very non-traditional-Jessica breakfast: chia pudding with greek yogurt stirred in, sliced banana, and a crumbled pumpkin dark chocolate muffin [vegan]. So good!


Simple turkey sandwich with cucumbers and tomato, baby carrots, a sliced apple, and peppermint green tea. 

Brown rice, bell pepper, spinach, shredded chicken, salsa, and guacamoleeeee.

Turkey and spinach in a whole wheat wrap, baby carrot and sugar snap peas, guac, and an apple.


This may or may not be a repeat dinner?? Diced sweet potato, broccoli, roasted chicken, and ketchup for flava.

Brown rice, stir-fried squash and zucchini in tomato sauce, topped with Greek yogurt for protein. Bring on the veggies - this was my favorite dinner of the week!!

Brown rice (I made a huuuuugggeeee batch earlier in the week), roasted chicken, and sauteed sugar-snap peas. 


The Larabar obsession shall never cease. This is my favorite flavor eevveerrr.

Yogurt mess!! Plain 2% Fage, banana slices, Sunbutter, cinnamon, and honey.

Brownie pops because yes.

Well, I'm off to play in the snow! Stay warm and have an amazing day!!


  1. Booooo snow haha. You can have all of mine!! And seriously, I want to come live with you. You would make me the yummiest food! :)

    1. Ahhh I love the snow!! It hasn't snowed like this since 2011 (yes we Southerners keep track of the time between actual snow days), but it got dangerous really fast. The news said the roads iced over in less than an hour!!
      Haha! I'll make the food, you take the pics! ;)