Friday, January 3, 2014

Fitness Friday!!!!!

I'm sitting here debating on how I want to proceed with my run I want to go ahead and pump it out on the treadmill (blech) OR wait until it warms up just a tiny bit (good in theory, bad for motivation)?

Because the ONE DAY it's sunny, clear, and zero humiditiy - it's 21*. Wut.

Okay, I know those in the north are giving me the stink eye because you're like....buried in snow, but here in Georgia these cold temps may as well be a blizzard. (P.S. Yeeeaahhh it's already 10 while I'm typing this so I'm just waiting til the weather warms up from sub freezing to freezing.)

Sooooooooooo I'm sure some of you are curious about how my new running program has been going. At least I'm pretending that you are. In honor of my procrastination today (okay really just enabling my procrastination), I'm going to share with you the basics of the program, how I'm feeling, etc.

First off, I'm really enjoying it so far. It combines three different kinds of runs: easy, tempo, and long. It also tracks the runs by times and not miles, which is really great in the freezing air. I don't feel pressured to run 5 miles a day (which I feel like if I was running on my own terms, I would put myself up for that kind of pressure).

It staggers the shorter and longer runs, which is good for recovery and not getting bored or unenthusiastic. As much as running is my exercise of choice (aka favorite), I am not one of those people who can pound out 5 or more miles every single day - I have to have variety not only in my mileage, but also pace and actual workouts.

There is only one rest day on Friday, presumably because the runs are all easy-paced, but I thrive on rest (who doesn't?!), so I've been replacing Wednesday's easy run with another rest day. That doesn't mean I'm vegging out on the couch all day, though - I've been trying to at least get in yoga or a walk.

Along with that, lastly, on the days with shorter runs he suggests adding a round of strength training which I loovvee, and a cross-training day. I don't belong to a gym, so my strength training is a home workout with body weight and dumbbells, and my cross-training has been just taking an hour walk, or a circuit workout.

Here's the run-down for last week: (using last week as an example because this week's schedule got moved around a bit)

Monday: Easy/30-min + Arms

Tuesday: Easy/45-min + Legs

Wednesday: Easy/30-min

Thursday: Tempo/30-min + Arms/Abs

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Easy/75-min

Sunday: 60 min walk

I've had a pretty good experience with it so far, and I certainly don't feel like I'm overdoing it. None of my workouts (except the long run) last more than an hour, and I'll admit - having short, easy days thrown in there makes it a whole lot better.

I know that training plans don't work for everyone, but I truly, honestly enjoy this one - it's not like a triathlon or marathon plan. My interpretation of it is not training for a race. It simply gives me a goal to accomplish in the day. It keeps me motivated. It is flexible and doesn't pressure me. It keeps running in its place - one part of my day, purely for my enjoyment/stress release/etc.

As you can tell, I obviously really like it and plan on keeping it up! It also incorporates some of my resolutions, such as getting stronger, or having an exercise buddy.

There you have it, friends! Hoping that you have a FaNtAsTiC FrIdAy!!!


  1. I'm so glad you've found a plan you like! And I'm super excited to start yoga on Monday!! Woop woop! :)

  2. I'm really glad the training plan works for you! I am always just on the coach's training plan so I don't really have to think about them much. I am kind of rolling my eyes because 21 is still pretty warm to run here... Our cutoff point is 12 degrees (; If it were up to me it would be 25 because I HATE the cold and would rather treadmill it.

    1. Hahaha I always feel self-conscious posting about the cold weather because I know that northerners get waaayyyy worse weather than the south!!! It hasn't really been cold enough for me to feel the need to use a treadmill, but I'm thinking this week I'm going to have to!