Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Miles #1

Oh hullo, blog world. Remember me?

I wouldn't be surprised if you don't - it's been TWO WEEKS since I've posted. Two. Weeks. Tsktsk.

I wish I had some super legit/awesome/fantabulous explanation like I was on a cruise in the Caribbean or backpacking in Costa Rica or doing something for the greater good but the truth is....I just haven't had much to write about.

Laaaammmmeee, I know. I mean stuff happens every day. But I feel like my life lately has been school, workout, school work, food, sleep, repeat.

That's my cue to join another linkup! Hooray for creative minds that aren't mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there's this linkup  that I found through Emily's blog, as well as MIMM that I could do on Mondays. Yay two options! Now I don't have an excuse to have "nothing to write about." Take that, brain fart!

Clearly, I haven't been expressing my thoughts lately. Or I'm hyped on caffeine. Whatevs.

Workouts for this week:

Monday: 3 mile (~60 min walk), arms and abs workout, yoga

Tuesday: 10 minute warmup on the treadmill, circuit workout, 10 minute cool down, yoga

Wednesday: 45-min stationary bike (w/speed intervals), arms, yoga

Thursday: PumpUp Cardio/Strength Circuit, 35-min stationary bike (w/speed intervals) yoga

Friday: 60-min stationary bike (easy, light pace), yoga

Saturday: Rest, YOGAAAA

Sunday: 45-min stationary bike (w/speed intervals), armssss

I enjoy walking. And I enjoy muscles.

As you may have noticed, there was zero running last week (besides my warm up/cool down). WHAT!!?? My runs have been BLAH because I've been having some ankle/calf pains that I cannot ignore anymore. I've been getting this weird phenomenon in my foot that I call "Numb Foot," because, well, my foot goes tingly about 30 minutes into a run. ERM not good.

I kept ignoring it, but it's gotten worse, like a cement block is wrapped around my foot and causing me to drag it and exert more energy/tire out more quickly. I've been researching, and it doesn't seem to be serious - just that it's time for a new pair of shoes. I've kind of deduced that it's because my horribly worn down shoes aren't absorbing shock, and causing some sort of nerve trauma in my ankle/leg. I'm not a doctor, but I'm thinking new shoes will help.

At first, I felt like I wasn't getting much of a workout with my circuits/walking/biking, but I felt sooooooo much better than when I would run 4-5 times a week. And then - and THEN - I hopped on the bike. That poor bike that was really just a hanger for my clothes. The key to a stationary bike my friends, is intervals, and a good TV show to stare at for 30-60 minutes. Sweat+fun.

I was a lot more energetic and actually looked forward to some variety! Guess what? No weird foot pain! Plus, I'm sore. Me like sore. I mean how can you be sore without having a good workout?

 To me, exercise is about feeling good. And man, I felt good. Normally, I take at least two rest days, but I only felt the need to take one on Saturday. Mainly because I wanted to bake/watch TV/eat/nap more than exercise - that's life, people!

So yeah I'm pretty much a Chatty Kathy right now. I'll give you this week's plan tomorrow so I don't overload your brain. :)

 But I do have some really cool, organized (*gasp*) posts that I'm excited to share with you! Bon voyage!


  1. I MISSED YOUR POSTS! Can we get each others iPhone numbers so we can talk more than just comments on our blogs? :) That really sucks about your foot! But that's awesome that you're enjoying working out. LOVE that feeling! I've never really tried biking before - I'm always just running for my workout!

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah, the foot thing is really frustrating. :(
      And thank you, I love that feeling too! Especially after having many weeks of really crappy runs. You should try biking!!! I'll try to put up a link for the interval workout I used - it's so fun! (PS. Shoot me an email for the iPhone number!! ;))

  2. I missed you!! I'm glad your back- and that you're doing Monday Miles, how fun (: The pain in your foot is really scary!! Like Leigha said, that really sucks :( I hope it heals up soon. I'm glad you're still enjoying workouts though- it's fun to mix it up (: How did your yoga challenge go?? (: Apparently you like it because you're doing YOGAAA on Saturday.. (;

    1. Aw thank you! The pain is really scary and frustrating - I might see a specialist just in case it might be serious. Yikes!
      Thanks, I'm still loving my workouts - I just like to move in general, so even if I can't run, I can still find enjoyment in most things. :) And indeed, I love and am very enthusiastic about yoga - it was sooo fun!
      Have an awesome day, girl!!