Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekend Recap and a Really Cute DIY Gift!!

Hello and happy Tuesday {evening}! It's finals week and I got released early, so this was supposed to be up this afternoon. Buuuttt I couldn't help myself from cuddling up in front of the TV and then taking a nap. I have to catch up on lost studying sleep!! 

Since I shared my Christmas Wish List with you guys yesterday, I thought I'd give you a recap of my fun, Christmas-filled weekend. :)

Lilly's favorite spot during the holidays: under the tree!! Cuteness.

Saturday started with pouring rain. Surprise, surprise. My friend and I had planned a 10am coffee date, but she overslept, so we waited until around 2 to run some Christmas errands together. 

'Twas a dark and dreary day. But we still had fun! I've been really wanting to make some DIY gifts for a few of my friends, so we wandered around the crafts/grocery store to get my supplies - can you guess what I made?!

I made personalized coffee mugs and filled them with chocolate dipped spoons and hot chocolate packets.

But first, coffee. 

1. Preheat your oven to 400*. Using a sharpie, draw a design on your mug. Remember to wash it first! Stick them in the oven for 30 minutes. 

2. For the spoons: mini-marshmallows, mini-chocolate chips, snowflake sprinkles, red sugar, crushed peppermints, and crushed butterfingers. 

3. Melt your white chocolate. 

4. Melt your milk chocolate. 

5. Simply dip, sprinkle with whatever toppings you want, and let em dry! I put them in the fridge so they'd harden faster.

6. Let your mugs cool for an hour.

Filling time!! Spoons, hot chocolate, and candy canes. 

This one was for my good friend Rachel who was on the team with me - she's a vegan and very healthy foodie so I filled hers with healthy treats. :)) 

I found really cute mini-ornaments that I tied onto the handle!! They were 75% off, so I paid like 50 cents for a whole pack. 

For these, I just (carefully) hot-glued the spoons to a packet of hot chocolate. And yes, my nickname is Jessie. ;)

Sunday was really chill, as usual. I was sooo tired, but after babysitting for a couple of hours, my energy shot way up! They were a handful. 

It was my "cross-train day," but I was not feeling cardio. Instead, I warmed up with some dynamics/jumping jacks for 5 minutes, and did a strength workout. 

20 squats
30 lunges
40 calf raises
60 sec wall-sit
40 sumo squats (holy ouch)
30 leg raises 
20 squats

x2 rounds


This took me 30/40ish minutes and I was jeeellooo. 

Monday was the last full day of school until January - yaaaayyyy!!! 

Aaaannnd (take caution if you're squeamish), I had to share this dissection that we did in Anatomy:

A cow's eye!!! Neither of my partners wanted to do the actual cutting/dissecting, so I gladly volunteered because I'm an anatomy/gross stuff nerd. :) It was really cool to see what it actually looked like on the inside. 

The weather was beautiful, so after school, I headed out for a 45-min run. 

Distance? Not sure. Maybe 4 miles? I'm not really concentrating on pace/mileage, just how I feel. It was one of those runs where you just feel great the entire time, you're in a really good mood, and running is just pure joy. And that's more important to me than speed. Speed comes with practice. :)

I cooled down with a walk around my dark backyard...creepy.

Now come the finals. Algebra and APUSH are down, Spanish 4 and  Lit are tomorrow! Wish me luck!


  1. I am loving this DIY!! Best of luck on your exams!

    1. It's soooo easy and fun. I found the idea on Pinterest! And thanks, I think they're going well. :)

  2. Aren't those runs the best? :) and this is SUCH a great idea! I might have to steal it :)

    1. They are!! And thank you - you can totally steal it. ;)