Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Madness, I tell you!

This pretty much sums up my schedule right now.

Dude it's been a week since I've done anything on the blog!! I've been either doing nothing or doing so much I just never found time to write. Or take pics. Or even think about anything other than school.

Kids, it's that time of year. The stress of finals is kicking in, full gear!!

Hahaaa I feel like this picture so much right now. But I do have all A's, so that's something of an accomplishment. 

Anywho, I've got a lot on my plate right now - I have to finish 4 CHAPTERS for APUSH (not happening, so I'm going to have to figure something out), do all 180 freaking vocab terms for it, I have to finish the Scarlet Letter, write a study guide for it, and finish the already 130-question study guide, be ready for my muscular system test, and be prepared for all of my cumulative final exams. And I didn't even procrastinate, people, I'm serious!!


Okay done whining (for now). Now let's talk about some marvelous things instead of stressssssssssssss. I know I missed MIMM and WIAW sooo I'm stealing MIMM's thunder. Here's what's been marvelous for the past week!

Marvelous jammies! 

Yup, I still say jammies. I've been wearing the same couple pairs of flannel pants/t-shirts as pajamas for a couple of years, so it was time for new ones. I found these at Kohls - they have cute little penguins all over them!

Marvelous is......white chocolate peanut butter.

Okay this stuff is seriously so freaking delicious. I scored it at Target for $3 and when you compare that to almond/sunbutter that's normally at least $5 - awesome deal!

Marvelous is....runs! Running run run run! Runs!

Me? Overenthusiastic? Psh. ;) Week dos of run/walking I made it 3.6 miles yesterday - it took me about 45 minutes, with walking intervals and sloowwwly trekking up a hill. Once. I felt so accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marvelous is....CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Yayyyy we finally put up our Christmas decorations. We claim to loovve Christmas, but my parents refuse to decorate until after Thanksgiving. We children complain about it every year, but I have a feeling it's a tradition that will stick into my adulthood. ;) Some things never change. 

Marvelous is....Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

OKAY if you have a grocery-store anywhere near your vicinity, you MUST look for Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. I repeat, this is a need if you want to fully live life. Mom bought two cartons of this and we plowed through them in like 3 days. I cannot describe its deliciousness.

Marvelous is....the cross country banquet. 

I'm hoping to see this time go down next season!! 

I actually had this last week, but never got around to mentioning it. It was so awesome! The coaches called each teammate onstage (just a tad embarrassing) and told a little story/something good about that person. It was really sweet and sad. The boys' coach even got a little choked up!! It was so sweet.

Marvelous is....peppermint flavored study fuel!!!!

Caffeine? Check. Carbs/protein? Check. Lots of work?! Check check check!

Marvelous is....all of these holiday gift guides! I would make my own, but I haven't figured it out, but here's a couple that I love:



Whew I'm glad I finally got a post up! :) See you later, darlings! 

Oh and have a WONDERFUL Wednesday evening!


  1. Girl, I know your pain! APUSH was a ton of work— it's ridiculous! But you'll get through it juuuuust fine :)
    I NEED to try some of that peppermint stick ice cream! I love peppermint. And hooray for your run!

    1. I'm trekking through APUSH as best I can!! And yes, find some of that ice cream asap. The kind I had is my local grocery store's brand, but I'm sure you can find something similar to it! :)

  2. Thanks for the mention girlie! I've been missing your posts, but I understand how busy you are- I am too! What exactly is APUSH? I''ve never heard of it! I say "jammies" too, lol :) and I can't believe you got white chocolate wonderful for $3! That IS madness!

    1. No prob! APUSH is short for AP United States History...APUSH is just easier to say. :) And I know, right?! Target/Kroger have really good prices on novelty/organic foods!